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Faster 3D Printing in Our Most Popular Materials

We’re always striving to make 3D printing more affordable and to get your products in your hands as fast as possible. So we’re excited to share that today, we’ve reduced lead times globally for Full Color Sandstone! We’re also increasing speed in the Strong and Flexible Family for our European and worldwide customers.

Textured Cuff by Ina

Textured Cuff by Ina

You can see the new ship dates reflected on our Materials page, upon checkout and below in this chart. In order to maximize the reductions we’ve broken the Strong and Flexible family into new sizes. Currently we only have a split between small WSF (<20cm) and large WSF (20cm>), by adding the medium category, we can make all of them faster, and let you get your small parts really fast: in just four days!

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 7.09.20 AM

Big thanks to our Supply Chain and Manufacturing teams for making this happen. These new faster speeds and size breakdowns are currently available ONLY for our European and worldwide customers, and we hope to roll them out soon to the USA and Canada. Stay tuned!


Not Everyone Has a Heart of Gold, But You Can Get One 3D Printed in Silver

The Anatomical Heart Pendant by leorolph is a beautifully detailed heart pendant that looks amazing 3D printed in Sterling Silver by Shapeways.  Of course you can order the pendant in solid 14k or Rose Gold, it just costs a little more.

Anatomic 3D Printed Silver Heart Jewelry

Take a look at the Owned Shop on Shapeways to see more unique jewelry by this Australian designer.

Remember, we have upped the speed on our Silver, Gold and Brass to get your 3D printed jewelry to you as fast as possible, so if you have an anniversary, wedding, or birthday coming up, Shapeways 3D printed jewelry can make the perfect, unique gift.


Intricate Sugar Skull Ring 3D Printed in Sterling Silver

As we introduce more 3D printing materials suitable for jewelry we are seeing the Shapeways marketplace evolve to include more amazing designs such as this Sugarskull Ring  by lougon.

3D Print Silver Skull RIng

Showing the intricate detail possible in our Sterling Silver 3D printing, Lougon post processed his 3D print by oxidizing to blacken the Silver, then polishing to return the raised sections to high polish, giving a rich contrast.

You can try this process yourself using egg yolks to blacken your Silver 3D prints to give the same affect.


Show Us Your Elasto Plastic 3D Prints

We introduced Elasto Plastic as our first 3D Printing maker material back in May last year so that the Shapeways community could have access to a impact resistant, flexible 3D printing material.  The team at the factory in Eindhoven get to see the amazing products you design with this unique material but because it is a Maker Material, and not available for sale as a product on Shapeways, many of us do not get to see and be inspired by your designs.

flexible 3D print material on Shapeways

We would love to see your Elasto Plastic designs shared in the It Arrived forum so that we can all see the range of products you are designing and get inspiration to explore the material in different ways.  We are looking forward to seeing photos of your designs on the Shapeways forums soon.


Beautifully Painted 3D Printed Sculpture

Even though we have over 40 material options at Shapeways for you to choose to 3D print with, sometimes you are looking for something a little different.  By post processing the 3D printed materials yourself, you can take your design in a whole new direction, be it functional or aesthetic.  PIXOLforge has taken our polyjet acrylic material known as Frosted Ultra Detail on Shapeways to a whole new level painting his sculpture with matte scale model paint after a quick cleaning with mineral spirits.  Once the paint was dry he hand rubbed down his 3D print with artist oil to get this amazing result.

high detail 3D print painted

What processes do you use to take your 3D prints to the next level?


Ultra exciting news for Frosted Ultra Detail

We’re happy to announce that, thanks to a recent machine upgrade, the Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) Plastic bounding box has increased its maximum to 284 x 184 x 203mm, from its previous maximum of 127x178x152mm; a 220% x 3% x 34% increase respectively. This train by our Shapie Customer Service expert Mitchell shows off the new bounding box quite well.


While most FUD products will still ship within six business days, please allow up to 10 for products that are over 70mm in each bounding box dimension.



So, what will you be printing in our new, bigger FUD?


Introducing our newest color: Orange

You asked for it, so today we bring you orange! That’s right, all our new colors are World Cup related. Last weeks Green and Yellow launches were for Brazil, the host country* and today we are rolling out Orange, for our Netherlands team ORANJE!

Flowers Bangle by Marmalade Park 

This brings our color palette for our dyed strong and flexible family to a full rainbow, just in time to show our support for Pride Month here in the USA.

Join in the Orange conversation in the forum or let us know your feedback here in the comments. We are trialing this specific shade of orange for four weeks, so let us know your feedback about the shade and we may adjust after the trial.

What will you make with orange? Will it be as good as Van Persie’s goal? What other colors do you want for your team to 3D print in?

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Introducing Castable Wax: Our Newest Maker Only Material

We know you’ve been asking for it for a long time and we’re beyond thrilled to announce our next Maker Material: Wax!

From the moment we introduced metals, you asked if we could just ship the castable wax. As of today, you can order the wax of your model, ready for you to cast into any number of metals, either in your studio or at a casting house. Our wax can be cast just like normal investment casting wax, for which there’s a large variety of methods. 

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Top 8 Amazing Products 3D Printed in White, Strong and Flexible Plastic

At Shapeways we pride ourselves on having the most high quality materials available for 3D printing. One of our popular and readily available materials is our white, strong and flexible plastic (WSF) which is laser sintered nylon plastic in a variety of colors and finishes. This material is incredibly versatile, and can be used for a wide variety of applications. Check out these incredible sculptures printed using our plastic material.

1) Quaternary Tree Mobile by mobiles

2) Worm Hole by TonyEnn

3) Iron Bridge by Nathan2012

4) Articulated Mantis Shrimp by chosetec

5) Venus de Milo by CosmoWenman

6) “Chimaera” – Greek Vase Painting by printedCat

7) Mobius Nautilus by joabaldwin

8) Illustrious sculpture by cosmic.ollie (

Our plastics are also a great and inexpensive material for prototyping and testing your designs. For more information and a in-depth overview on our strong and flexible plastic click here.


Get your Shapeways Gifts in Time for Christmas

Feel like the Holiday season is flying by? So do we! That’s why we wanted to give you a friendly reminder about your Holiday deadlines by material. You can see a full list of Material deadlines on our Holiday planning page, but here’s a quick overview as the Brass family’s cutoff is today!

This Gift Panda by WillSculpts is excited his friends planned early this holiday season. 

Note: All deadlines listed here assume overnight delivery in North America or Europe, rest of world specifics are available on our planning page. 

December 5th: 
Premium Silver
Polished Brass
Raw Brass
Raw Bronze

December 9th:
Polished Silver
Tumbled Silver

December 10th:
Stainless Steel
Elasto Plastic
Large WSF (20com +)

December 13th:
Dyed Strong & Flexible
Detail (Frosted & Frosted Ultra)

December 16th:
White, Strong & Flexible
Polished WSF
Full Color Sandstone
Polished Alumide

Happy Shopping & Selling Shapies ;) !


Testing the Melting Point of Nylon 3D Prints (VIDEO)

Some of you may be subjecting you 3D prints to extreme forces like impact, sheer weight, constant flexing and maybe even a little heat, but have you ever wanted to know how hot you can go?  Shapeways material tester Brandon has shared a video on his YouTube Channel heating Shapeways Nylon (WSF) 3D prints in mineral oil to deformation then melting point.

“To test I heated WSF in mineral oil and tested how it behaves at higher and higher temperatures. The material starts to soften at around 155-165C and starts to significantly deform and melt at around 170-180C.”

The video runs for around 17 minutes but the good stuff (deformation) starts to occur around 155c at the 10:00 minute mark and total failure at around 15:00 minute mark at 170c.

Thanks again to Brandon for sharing, if you have an material torture tests please let us know in the comments on the blog. Below is some wet Nylon I tortured in the microwave


Three Materials on the Fast Track

At the request of Shapies far and wide, we’re doing all that we can to ensure you get the items you care about even faster. So we’re excited to share that we’re reducing lead times for three of our materials! White Strong & Flexible Polished and Polished Alumide will change from 12 to 9 business days, and Frosted Ultra Detail from 8 to 6 business days. So now you can have your 3D Printed products in your hand quicker than ever before!

Animaris Geneticus Ondularis, by TheoJansen.

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Shop Ceramics at New Lower Prices!

As you may already know, we recently lowered the pricing of our Ceramics! As a result, Shapeways Shop Owners got really excited and wanted to share their newly priced models with you. Check out the amazing deals now available on classic ceramic models from espresso cups to vases, candle holders to chopstick holders!

Plateless Espresso Cup was $77.58, now $44.99!

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Ceramic 3D Printing Now Cheaper Than Ever on Shapeways

Have you ever wished our materials were cheaper? We have too! We’re committed to make 3D printing accessible to anyone, and today, we’re excited to announce that we’re repricing our ceramics to be more consistent with how we price the rest of our materials – by volume of material used instead of surface area. We’re also making it easier for you to calculate and compare pricing: This means that most existing ceramic models will become much cheaper like this candle holder by Virtox!

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Introducing Three Amazing New Material Finishes

We’re excited to announce three more amazing new material finishes for you to 3D Print in! Introducing the latest and greatest materials to the Shapeways family: Matte Black Steel, Polished Grey Steel, and Polished Nickel Steel, which are all great for jewelry, structural parts, sculptures, and anything else that you would want to 3D Print in steel!

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