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DIY With Raspberry Pi And 3D Printing

2013 Shapeways 3D Printing Year in Review

ShapeJS: From JavaScript to Ornament App

MYMO: The Beautiful Pendant Generator Built on the Shapeways API

Nervous System Releases 'Kinematics' Jewelry Customization Apps (VIDEO)

Create your own holiday gifts: Part 1

Learn Awesome: Man Saves his Bird with Design

Custom Business Card Case

Need to Repair Your 3D Printer? Use Shapeways to 3D Print Replacement Parts

Designer Spotlight: Bo Lorentz

Shop Owner Holiday Tips Series: #4 Personalization & Shapeways Co-Creators

First 3D Printed iPhone 5 on Shapeways

3D Print Contest for iPhone 5 Accessories

You Can Now Import 3D STL Files into Tinkercad : Let The 3D Modifications and Mash-Ups Begin

3D Modeler for Hire vs 3D Modeler Needed : Design for 3D Print When You Can't Design for 3D Print

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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