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Product Design Idea to Prototype: Meet up with Shapeways and Quirky August 19

At Shapeways we are very interested in the process of product design and how designers are inspired to create, refine, iterate and perfect new products and ideas harnessing the power of 3D printing and the Shapeways community. With the recent release of Beta Products and First to Try we are excited to give Shapeways designers the opportunity to invite fans and friends into their product design process.

Lucas Goossens of LucasPlus Designs

Lucas Goossens of LucasPlus Designs

To further investigate the process of product design, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Quirky for an evening of networking and sharing ideas and inspiration with other designers, inventors and makers. Join us on Tuesday, August 19 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Quirky’s New York City headquarters. You can find more information and RSVP on our meetup page.

Susan Taing of bhold

Susan Taing of bhold

The evening will feature a panel discussion highlighting how designers conceptualize products and their process of moving from idea to prototype. Shapeways shopowners Lucas Goossens, of LucasPlus designs, and Susan Taing, founder of bhold, and Quirky inventors “You Can Call Me Phil” and “Vector.” Following the panel discussion, participants can enjoy a demonstration of 3D printing a product prototype and practice their product pitch with others in interactive breakout groups. Light refreshments will be served.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Shapeways Shares 3D Magic At BronyCon 2014

We were recently invited last weekend by the awesome folks at BronyCon to attend BronyCon 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland. At BronyCon we got to meet and engage with hundreds of My Little Pony fans, many whom were artists and designers who have recently heard of our partnership with Hasbro to launch 3D printed My Little Pony SuperFanArt.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 3.51.05 PM

While at BronyCon we showed off some of the Shapeways 3D printed My Little Pony prints designed by independent artists which were a big hit amongst the crowd.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 3.55.36 PM

Sam here was the smallest fan of these SuperFanArt 3D printed ponies!

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 3.57.13 PM

Are you an artist interested in becoming a designer for SuperFanArt? Find out how to be featured and sell your art on SuperFanArt here!


August 14: Animation goes 3D with the Made in NY Media Center

As animation, 3D modeling, and 3D printing software and technology evolves, animators and filmmakers are finding new ways to incorporate 3D printing into their work. Whether it’s custom modeling and printing characters for a stop-motion animation, creating custom merchandise for your film, or translating animation software skills into 3D modeling, 3D printing is creating new opportunities for animators. On Thursday, August 14th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm you are invited to join other animators, 3D design enthusiasts, filmmakers and creatives for an evening of discussion and networking co-hosted by Shapeways & the Made in NY Media Center by IFP.

A still from Raymond McCarthy Bergeron's film re-belief

A still from Raymond McCarthy Bergeron’s film re-belief

The evening will include a panel discussion featuring Shapeways designer and filmmaker, media artist, and tech guru Raymond McCarthy Bergeron, puppeteer and founder of Puppet Kitchen Michael Schupbach, and artist and animator Andrew Thomas, who will discuss how they bring together animation and 3D printing in their work with moderator Laurie Berenhaus. We invite you to come to learn and share about how you can use 3D printing and design to push the boundaries of your animation and imagination. Light refreshments will be served following the discussion.

Free. RSVP on the Made in NY Media Center’s site to reserve your spot.

Featured Speakers

Raymond McCarthy Bergeron is a misplaced Vermonter, currently living in North Bethesda, Maryland, who just completed his MFA in Film & Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Previously, he was an employee of Champlain College, where he started in the Information Systems Department, and worked in the Emergent Media Center. Recently, he completed a film for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s GPM Project titled Waterfalls, projected on Spherical screens globally, and completed his thesis film re÷belief, a mixed medium of 3D printing and handcrafted works. He also is a member of the IGDA, ASIFA East, and ACM.

Michael Schupbach has been designing and building puppets for the stage and screen for over 15 years. He is a proud alumnus of Jim Henson’s Muppet Workshop and co-founder of the NYC based Puppet Kitchen, a full time puppet design, build, and performance studio. His screen credits include: The Oogiloves Big Balloon Adventure, The Disney Channel’s Johnny and the Sprites and Bear in the Big Blue House, Imagine Dragons Radioactive Music Video, IFC’s Greg the Bunny, PBS’ Sesame Street, and Universal Studios’ Sesame Street in 4-D. Michael has B.A. in Education with a concentration in Educational Television from The Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington, and a somewhat less serious degree from The Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey’s Clown College.

Andrew Thomas hails from Boston and is now based in Brooklyn.  After studying sculpture at Boston University he discovered 3D printing while learning 3D modeling techniques for creating 3D game assets. In addition to working at Shapeways as a Customer Service Coordinator, Andrew has exhibited artwork in Boston, West Rutland, Vermont and Venice, Italy, and works as freelance a 3D designer. Most recently he created shop on Shapeways selling 3D printed characters for Oscar Nominated indie animator Bill Plympton.

Panel Moderator

Laurie Berenhaus is a 3D Modeler/ Sculptor, designs for Rapid Prototyping, and currently works at Shapeways in Customer Service. Laurie studied 3D graphics at the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School in Orlando, Florida and received her BFA in Sculpture from The University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, PA. Before diving into the digital world, Laurie worked as a sculptor and puppeteer designing and fabricating puppets, masks, and specialty props throughout New York City and Philadelphia. Passionate about storytelling and the creative process, Laurie continues to learn and share her knowledge.


New York City Meetup May 12: Build Your Maker Business

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3D printing and entrepreneurship are made for each other. Using 3D printing, companies like Shapeways, enable makers to rapidly design, prototype, iterate, bring to market, and sell innovative products with low initial investment and risk. However, creating great products is just the start – building a successful creative, maker business takes a lot of strategy, time and know-how of the right tools for the job.

In honor of Small Business Week, which runs from May 12 to 19, we’ve put together a special meetup on Monday, May 12 from 6 to 8:30 pm. It is hosted at the Wix Lounge in Chelsea, a free co-working and event space, by The theme of the meetup is “online tools to build your maker business,” and it includes a panel discussion with three of our top Shapeways designers and shop owners. They will talk about how tools like 3D Printing, e-commerce and a robust website and social media presence can empower maker entrepreneurs. 

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Shapeways Meetup Recap: Meeting the Shapies in Amsterdam

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On Thursday 17th we had a Meetup scheduled in Amsterdam. Together with our community members Eric, Rajesh, Willem-Jan, Victor and Monique we enjoyed the nice atmosphere in Restaurant Barça, located at the well known Marie Heinekenplein. 

Eric and Rajesh had met each other already at the 3D MakersZone meetup in Haarlem which was held just a few hours before the Shapeways Meetup. Funny how small the 3D printing world can be!

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Designers in Residence Meetup at MAD this Friday January 24th

It’s snowy outside, so what better way to spend an evening than talking 3D printing with artists at the Museum of Arts and Design?

Shapeways is managing an interactive space at MAD in conjunction with the Museum’s exhibition Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital. The show investigates the many ways technology has enabled artists and designers to create in the 20th century—including of course, 3D printing.

Come and join Sophie Kahn, Lucas Goossens, and the Laser Girls as they talk about how they use 3D printing to make innovative fine art, modern jewelry, and extreme nails. The talks will start shortly after 6:30pm on the second floor and there will be time for questions.

Take your time to check out the incredible exhibition, and come play in the Shapeways interactive space afterwards. We’ll be running our army of Formlabs 3D printers and we will be 3D scanning people so you can get your very own “3D selfie”!

Head over to to RSVP and for more details. And if you can’t join us on Friday, the exhibition runs through June 2014.

Hope to see you there! 

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Elasto and Brass Meetups in New York and Eindhoven

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The past few months have been incredibly exciting for us in terms of material development. First, Elasto launched at the end of May, and then last week we announced Gold Plated Brass. As always, we want to see how the community feels and what you’ve been using the new materials for.

Come join us on Wednesday, August 7th, in New York and Eindhoven for a meetup! Bring any prints you may have and join us for a beer and a great time! Hope to see you there! RSVP on Meetup for both events.



Experience Our New Elasto Plastic at a Local Meetup

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(Picture: Stag by Dotsan)

Did you see our new Elasto Plastic material yet? It’s our first ‘Maker Only’ material, and we’re excited to see how you guys are using it it!

We’d love to give you and your local Shapeways community a chance to experience it in person, so we’re offering every Shapeways community meetup of 10 persons or more a free set of some awesome sample models.

Join a Meetup, or host one!

You can find the upcoming meetups on the Shapeways Community Meetup page. Check the list to see if your area is listed as well, and join! Don’t be afraid to leave a comment on the event page if you have a question or suggestion. These meetups are usually joint efforts, so feel free to help out.

Is your city not listed yet? Then why not start your own meetup? Just add your town so other people can join you and help you with organizing the event. Also send an email to and tell us where you are! We’ll hook you up to other people in your area and give you the low down on hosting a meetup, no experience necessary, just a willingness to meet likeminded people. If you have questions or suggestions about this event, please leave them on the forum.

Receiving the free samples

To qualify for the free sample models, plan an meetup in roughly 4-5 weeks from now, announce it on our Community Meetup page, and make it grow! Once you have gathered a group of 10, get in touch, mail us your address and we’ll order a box with the models for you right away.

The fine print: please understand that we’ll need to print and ship the models to you, so make sure you contact us at least two weeks before your meetup. Only the meetup’s host can apply for the sample box. We can give away 50 of these sample boxes and we’ll do so on a first come, first served basis.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment.

Oh, and the models are yours to keep! Enjoy :)

Bart and Natalia
Shapeways Community Team



Hello Finland! Let’s Meet on June 11!

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Shapeways member Heidi Piili is hosting a community meetup this Tuesday, June 11 in Lappeenranta, Finland (I won’t even try to pronounce that). They’re meeting in bar Birra and it’s going to be an informal evening. We sent Heidi a box with some cool models, but bring your own work too!
Remember: running your own Shapeways Meetup is easy (as in: pick a time and a bar) and an amazing amount of fun! If you’re thinking of hosting one, contact us and we’ll give you all the support you need (including cool models to show).


Meet the Shapeways Community in Singapore on May 21

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Shapeways member Hanyang Leong is hosting a community meetup in Singapore on Tuesday, May 21. If you live in the area, go and say hello! Everyone with an interest in Shapeways or 3D printing in general is welcome. Full details of the meetup are available on our community meetup page.

Running your own Shapeways Meetup is easy and an amazing amount of fun! If you’re thinking of hosting one, contact us and we’ll give you all the support you need.



Shapeways Meetup: New flexible material

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As per our blog announcement, we will soon be introducing a flexible, rubbery material for 3D printing! Most excitingly we have samples for you to play with, so come to the Shapeways HQ and tell us what you think!

Tomorrow night, Thursday March 28th,6:30-8:30pm

As always, bring your 3D prints to share, come have a beer and maybe even play Ping Pong with the team!

RSVP on and sign up to stay tuned about all our events!


3D Printing Meetup: Images to Objects in Seattle

Alan Hudson, Shapeways Director of 3D Tools, has been working on a
tool to make it easy to create 3D objects from 2D images. Think of it as the next generation of our 2D to 3D. We’ve gotten
the software far enough along that we’re ready to show off to a larger
. After your feedback we’ll fix it up and then release it as open
source software

If you’ve got an interest in 3D printing and can wrangle a 2D image
then we’ve got something for you to try!

On January 15th at 7pm at
Office Nomads
 in Seattle we’ll be letting you play with the software, have some
drinks and discuss 3D printing.

If you’d like to run the software during the session then please
bring a laptop and some image software. We’ve been working with
Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape and Gimp so far. The software takes in
JPEG or PNG images. A good resolution to use 300 DPI images.

RSVP via Meetup to enter the third dimension!