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Wear Your Citi Bike Key as 3D Printed Jewelry

MYMO: The Beautiful Pendant Generator Built on the Shapeways API

Nervous System Releases 'Kinematics' Jewelry Customization Apps (VIDEO)

Friday Finds: The 3D Printed Rings and an Inspiring Story

3D Printing Mythical Beasts : The Cat Skull with Antelope Horns

Celebrate the Anniversary of the Moon Landing with the Moon Ring by Cunicode

3D Printed Sterling Silver Gear Ring in Action (VIDEO)

Kimberly Ovitz for Shapeways: 3D Printed Jewelry Featured in Elle Magazine

Introducing Premium Silver 3D Printing to Shapeways

Roundup: Design Symposium at Ace Hotel

Designer Spotlight: Onur Mustak Cobanli

Beautiful Hand Dyed 3D Printed Jewelry

Designer Spotlight: Kimberly Ovitz

Designer Spotlight: Seedling Design

The Romance and Meaning of the Unique Gift

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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