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3D Print Your Next Masterpiece with Adobe Photoshop & Shapeways

123D Design Online Now Even Better for 3D Printing

Artificial Intelligence Used to 3D Print Venus of Google (VIDEO)

Further Proof of Ubiquitous 3D Printing, Windows 8.1 to Include 3D Print Button

3D Scanning with Google Glass to 3D Print

Introducing MeCube: Easy 3D Modeling for iPhone and iPad

We Bid a Sad Farewell to Tinkercad

Learn to 3D Model to 3D Print with 123D Design in NYC

Weekend Contest #5: 3D Scan to 3D Print with 123D Catch

Can You Design a 3D Printed Rocket Engine to Send Nano-Satellites Into Space?

3D Printing Meetup: Images to Objects in Seattle

Chopper: Partitioning Large Models into Smaller 3D Printable Parts

Quick Tip: Finding the Center of Mass of a Model

Friday Finds from the Shapeways Gift Guide

8 Tips for 3D Printing with Sketchup

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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