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Order in time for Mother's Day!

Making Bank: Shapeways Partners With The United States Mint

A Sign Of The 3D Printed Times: Shapeways New York Times Feature

What the Oculus Rift Acquisition by Facebook means for 3D Printing

Calling all innovators: Be a part of the first museum-led incubator at the New Museum in NYC

Behind the Model: One and One Chair by Ashley Zelinskie

Shapeways launches Wall Thickness Fixing for all models

Reduced Lead time for Raw and Polished Silver

Shapeways Partners With Sixense MakeVR: 3D Printing Meets Virtual Reality

The Evolution of the Selfie: Now in 3D

Dutch Design Competition USA 2014

Shapeways Launches Automated Wall Thickness Visualization for all models

10 Extrordinary Things You Won't Believe Are 3D Printed

2013 Shapeways 3D Printing Year in Review

Merry & Bright 3D Printed Ornaments

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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