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Designer Spotlight: The Business of 3D Modeling: Interview with Dot San


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Hello Vijay. That's amazing, you are in Edinburgh too! I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and very interested in your approach as we are doing the same thing, enabling others to engage with 3D printing, just coming at it from different sides. Anarkik3D's product is Cloud9, a haptic (*3D touch*) 3D modelling software which anyone can use. A lot of professional designers are threatened by this thought and I hope you are not as I believe that the more people get into designing the more they appreciate how very skilled and knowledgable professional designers are and have to be. I would like to invite you to have a hands -on demo of Cloud9 especially as it complements Rhino - Farah Bandookwala uses it this way and is currently having up to 4 major pieces 3D printed by Shapeways for a very prestigious award and exhibition, The Jerwood Makers Award 2011. She is 1 of 4 to get this award selected out of 200 submissions. Other professional designers use it, sometimes with 3D printing, for 'quick and dirty' concept testing, others to add more organic quality to differentiate their designs. This is what Farah does.
Anarkik3D has 3 'Open Days' (16th - 18th June) during Edinburgh College of Arts Degree Shows (11th - 19th June). There are details on our website and we will also be at CCA Glasgow on 19th June. All welcome.
#1 Ann Marie Shillito (Homepage) on 2011-06-06 09:47 (Reply)
Hi Anne thanks for the comments and info about the the software, it looks interesting and a great way to get people introduced into CAD modelling and digital creation, too much software is designed by engineers for engineers.
I hope to make it along to the open days to see it in action.
#2 Vijay Paul (Homepage) on 2011-06-06 10:46 (Reply)
Vijay, look forward very much to meeting you and showing you how engaging and immersive our Cloud9 product is. There is a lot of hot news at the moment about getting kids involved in 3D printing (TEDxKids, Foc at the 2011 RAPID conference about empowering kids as soon as possible) and your comment about too much software designed by engineers for engineers hit an issue that our software addresses, that is appealing to and enabling the many people, adults, kids, professional and amateurs, who just can't get to grips with CAD because they think differently, the learning curve is huge, CAD is too prescriptive for working intuitively and organically. 3D printing can include everyone - just need the range of software to be inclusive.
Be good to get your comments too after you have tried Cloud9 and haptics.
#3 Ann Marie Shillito (Homepage) on 2011-06-06 11:06 (Reply)

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