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I live in the UK. Is the discount coupon valid from there?
#1 Cronan on 2010-08-12 09:33 (Reply)
we ship world wide, so yes
#2 Jo De Lange on 2010-08-12 09:42 (Reply)
How do we receive the coupon?

Mitchell :-D
who just bought one!
#3 Mitchell Jetten on 2010-08-12 12:37 (Reply)
ohh wait,, probably with the package?

ok,, then ill use it another time,, just going to get my next order right now :-P
#4 Mitchell Jetten on 2010-08-12 12:38 (Reply)
Your coupon will arrive together with your sample pack once ordered.
#5 Jo De Lange on 2010-08-12 12:38 (Reply)
thanx Jo

my next order i'm going to place is just 14dollar :-P hmm i can life with the paying extra (25dollar)
to get my small order :-D
#6 Mitchell Jetten on 2010-08-12 12:44 (Reply)
Buy someone some Hand Drawn earrings.... ;-)
#7 Anonymous on 2010-08-12 12:49 (Reply)
that is a possibility :-D but i don't know what to draw! i also was thinking of a shapeways pig,, but i don't want to co create my own texture :-P

yes i know i'm lazy!
#8 Mitchell Jetten on 2010-08-12 12:55 (Reply)
These ones are quite nice...
#9 Duann on 2010-08-12 12:58 (Reply)
sorry duann,, made the order allready :$ got 3 orders open now :-)
#10 Mitchell Jetten on 2010-08-12 13:15 (Reply)
or draw your own ring
#11 Jo De Lange on 2010-08-12 13:15 (Reply)
i was thinking of buying a ring to be honest Jo! but to be honest, i haven't really got a clue what to draw,, don't have that much imagination :-( sorry
#12 Mitchell Jetten on 2010-08-12 13:18 (Reply)
yeah, maybe next time?

But I am sure the same design would look equally fetching as a ring.

Thanks for the tip Jo.
#13 Duann on 2010-08-12 13:18 (Reply)
Lovely! was waiting for this one.
I immediately ordered one, but forgot to use a discount code i still had lying around. Can i merge 2 codes into 1?


#14 chris bense on 2010-08-12 17:44 (Reply)
Hi Chris, Yes, the Shapeways service team can merge the code's!
You can contact us here : service @
#15 Maartje Vijn on 2010-08-12 21:03 (Reply)
Great, was waiting for it too and am going to order one now.

Just a small thing: it would have been good to get the reference files along with the package rather then having to download single files from here. or maybe a packaged download with all files would be easier.

Thanks though, i am looking forward to receiving mine. cheers, bettina
#16 bettina on 2010-08-14 10:01 (Reply)
Can we use the discount coupon to make a $25 order for free? Or do we still have to pay a minimum of $25 meaning that we can make a $50 order for $25?
#17 dskloet on 2010-08-14 23:57 (Reply)
Yes you can use it for a $25 order.
#18 Duann on 2010-08-15 00:10 (Reply)
I ordered one today :-) but the shop is now selling if for $35.70 :-(
#19 DrJekyll on 2010-08-19 19:32 (Reply)
It still shows up for $30 to me.
#20 dskloet on 2010-08-19 19:34 (Reply)
Oh no! The ever-confusing VAT strikes again!
#21 Tom van der Zanden on 2010-08-19 21:23 (Reply)
Silly me, I did see it for $30 before I logged in. Damn you taxman. Still a good price though.
#22 Steven Heide on 2010-08-19 22:53 (Reply)
Just wondering what the delivery time is on this?
'cause I guess they're all pre-made?

I live in The Netherlands.
#23 Maran van brakel on 2010-08-23 11:53 (Reply)
Good question, i ordered mine on the 13th and am still waiting?

if they're pre-made i can't imagine it would take that long, but if not then the steel one would be the longer to get made so might push the time out a bit.
#24 John Wilson on 2010-08-30 04:00 (Reply)
wait your turn :-P
mine is orderd 12th

for the moment he is still only accepted!
#25 Mitchell Jetten on 2010-08-30 07:55 (Reply)
Hahah, well thats good to know :-D

i'm sure they had a lot of interest in them
#26 John Wilson on 2010-08-30 12:18 (Reply)
Hopefully the didn't forget us... :-)

Well, I guess I just have to be patient then.
#27 Maran van brakel on 2010-08-30 12:25 (Reply)
I ordered this and something else on Aug 15. The other thing has arrived in the mean time but no trace of the sample pack. Would be nice if Shapeways could give us an update on why it is taking this long.
#28 David de Kloet on 2010-09-04 21:57 (Reply)
Guys Guys,

Long awaited Shapeways Materials sample kit.

Delivery time of this product is 20 working days.
#29 Mitchell Jetten on 2010-09-06 11:09 (Reply)
Is that 20 days from now? Because 20 days have already passed since my (and the other posters') order.
#30 David de Kloet on 2010-09-06 11:31 (Reply)
It should be 20 'working days' from your order.

So not long now, There were a batch made up but the demand exceeded the stock so it will be the metal printing that slows down the orders.
#31 duann scott on 2010-09-06 11:36 (Reply)

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