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you can now 3D print in glass with Shapeways


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That's ridiculously cool!!! You seem to come up with new materials very fast, guys. :-P Or maybe I'm the one who's slow at modeling, he he.
#1 Anja Johansson on 2010-04-14 14:29 (Reply)
Is the glass supplied pre-ground, or do you grind it in house?
#2 Michael Williams on 2010-04-14 14:34 (Reply)
Will existing models be available in glass? ... I tried several Dice models ... and did not see the option
#3 Kevin Cook (Homepage) on 2010-04-14 14:54 (Reply)
Yes, but not all models ofcourse. we made a selection of models/examples that give an impression of what's possible in glass 3d printing:

check out our tutorial to design models that can be 3d printed in glass:

#4 Arnoud van der Velden (Homepage) on 2010-04-14 15:06 (Reply)
great! love the recyclability of it.

whats the edges like on broken pieces? sharp enough to easily cut? or a similar roughness like the outside, just curious.
#5 jeff bare (Homepage) on 2010-04-14 15:11 (Reply)
Bummer .. no glass dice :-(
#6 Kevin Cook (Homepage) on 2010-04-14 15:25 (Reply)
Dear Shapeway Folks & Joris,

Congrats. I am very happy that there is finally a commercial service bureau available! We are at Open3DP send our best. Nice video too.
#7 ganter (Homepage) on 2010-04-14 16:08 (Reply)
Re-upload the dice and it will be available. Just make sure they follow the guidelines.
#8 Michael Williams on 2010-04-14 16:55 (Reply)
I am a collector .. not an artist ..

There are about 15 artists who do make them ... so I dont really have control over what they upload :-(
#9 Kevin Cook on 2010-04-14 17:31 (Reply)
Absolutely incredible! Whoah. In disbelief this is possible.
#10 Shelley Noble (Homepage) on 2010-04-14 19:37 (Reply)
Great work folks, I'm really interested to see the things that people make with this!
#11 Sandy Noble (Homepage) on 2010-04-14 19:50 (Reply)
Great material.

Is it possible in the process to add color to the recycled glass? There are a lot of float glass colors available on the market.

#12 Hans Puijk (Homepage) on 2010-04-14 20:46 (Reply)
They misspelled 'Celsius'
#13 Roth Mobot (Homepage) on 2010-04-15 01:16 (Reply)

for right now we are sticking with this color. But, it is possible to do the same process in many different colors.
#14 Joris on 2010-04-15 14:11 (Reply)
Kevin PM me and I'll draw you up something.
#15 Michael Williams on 2010-04-15 15:31 (Reply)
Thanks MIchael ... I tried to PM you and each time I try to click on the contact button it takes me to the the forums

I am not just looking for glass dice ... nor am I just looking for 3d printed glass dice ... I was hoping for ... but am disappointed to find out ... that most of my favorite shapeways dice do not fit the criteria for 3d glass printing :-(
#16 Kevin Cook on 2010-04-15 16:46 (Reply)
Odd, you can email me at if you wish. Show me the design you like, and I will duplicate it to the best of my abilities to work with glass. Have you tried contacting the model owners to see if they would make a glass version for you?
#17 Michael Williams on 2010-04-15 17:41 (Reply)
Great development , now try to print clear glass so I can print my own lenses,
did you know there is a kind of clay that can be baked to become silver ? It might be possible to use this clay to also print silver objects? or maybe even combined silver and glass objects if the temperatures of curing are in the same region. Good luck with the 3d print inovations.
#18 ysvry on 2010-04-18 10:30 (Reply)
I believe you are referring to Precious Metal Clay (PMC) ...

The problem with fusing metal and glass is ... the metal (in general) melts at a much lower temperature than glass does
#19 Kevin Cook (Homepage) on 2010-04-18 12:27 (Reply)
When will we be able to get about a foot cube?
#20 powers (Homepage) on 2010-04-18 17:44 (Reply)
wouldn't it be more energy efficient to use a blow torch with very fine nozzle or a laser to print these glass objects? It would IMHO even allow fully transparency.
#21 Maggy on 2010-04-18 21:21 (Reply)
Where in the UK can I learn how to do this?
#22 Viv on 2010-08-28 14:47 (Reply)

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