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The Fulton Engine Project uses 3D printing


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> the first steamship, the Clermont

The first American steamship, perhaps.
#1 Alan Braggins on 2010-02-23 12:19 (Reply)
I like you layout of the article. Thanks for posting it.

There are a few details that I would like to clarify.

1 - Fulton didn't actually design his steam engine. He did however have Boulton and Watt modifiy one of their engines for marine use. He also developed the drive mechanism that converted the linear motion of the engine to rotary motion at the paddlewheels. That's what our engine project is all about.

2 -There were many steamboats that preceeded The North River of Clermont both in Europe and in America. Fulton's claim to fame is that he developed the first "successful" commercial use of the steamboat.

3 -...calling themselves the Followers of Fulton... We actually are known as "Fulton's Followers". We are a group of volunteers donating our time and materials. We never knew each other before this project was conceived. We are located in four different states up & down the Eastern seaboard of the USA.

4 - a full scale version of the steam engine that powered the Clermont (and perhaps the Clermont itself). This statement was the dream of the group know as "The Saugerties Fulton Steamboat Foundation". They are no longer active. It was participating in this group that sparked my interest in Robert Fulton and in conceiving our "Fulton's Followers" project.

....Thank you so much Fulton's Followers for using the technology of today to let people relive the technology of yesteryear! ...

Our group wants to thank Shapeways for supporting our project. Shapeways is the only 3D printing service of the several contacted that offered to donate the bell brackets and lanyard lever. We are all donating our time and materials for the model. It is through companies like Shapeways & Bellingham Bells that we are able to develop a better product. _Note:_Bellingham Bells created the special size sandcast bell and donated it to our project.

Thanks again,

Pete Baker and the Fulton's Followers
#2 Pete Baker on 2010-02-25 23:43 (Reply)

I'm so sorry for my inaccurate post! Thank you for providing us with the right info.

#2.1 Joris on 2010-02-26 07:36 (Reply)

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