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I think it is a great opportunity you've taken up. And not that far off from the topic of my bachelor graduation project ;-) (although that is technically codesign). However, I think designers should use it with care. As a designer you should realise - if you haven't done work like this before - that you take on responsibility to deliver on a customer's order! You have to model the desired changes as expected and in the expected timeframe, so just be easy on yourself and choose a safe margin for your delivery time and fee. In that case you increase the chance of delivering on time and still make some money out of it. I can say from my own experiences that it takes some experience to judge how much time the designing/modeling will take; and you will still get it wrong now and again.
That said; it's a great opportunity for anyone with designerly aspirations (such as myself) to try and make a few extra bucks (while making customers happy) :-).
#1 Peter Hermans on 2009-08-13 07:47 (Reply)

I totally agree. I think that the most successful people with this platform will minimize risk and time in individual customization whilst coming up with creative ways to customize great products.
#2 Joris on 2009-08-13 10:33 (Reply)
How is this really any different then a customer just asking me via E-mail for some changes? Or me simply listing several versions of the same object? This might be useful if Shapeways had software to add an inscription or do adjustments automatically, but for me to do it by hand would be completely unreasonable.

Really, the most valuable thing here is my time. My work might not cost much, but that's because I sell dozens, or even hundreds of copies of the same thing without limit. I don't need to charge much because my valuable time is divided over all of those people. But to stop and do custom work for each and every costumer could be an ENORMOUS burden. It basically assumes that my time has very limited value. I have to assure you it's not.

Wouldn't it make more sense to have tools to automatically change the model for the end user, rather then assume that we, the artists, should take on that responsibility? You should have software to make these changes without our intervention.
#3 Walter Sharrow on 2009-08-14 11:50 (Reply)

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