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Designer Spotlight: Trish Dobson


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gr8 designs u have. i really dig the sly, hilariously creative Fruit-grenade--and i thought the pun someone wrote was perfect "When life gives you lemons, make "lemon 'nades." Even tho most folks probly like ur main work the most--the costume style pieces--i really thought the nut/bolt-twisty tea cups were awesome.
#1 Robert Mykoff (Homepage) on 2013-05-10 11:00 (Reply)
Thank you. I do love those teacups. I mean to do more of them.
#2 Trish Dobson (Homepage) on 2013-05-14 14:24 (Reply)
hey just saw ur comment ((shapeways sent gmail reminder/notif.) so i clicked ur link here 2 homepage & saw ur ESTY, well, those Pokeball Pokeman objects are cool, i bet little kids everywhere want those bigtime... heck be careful that the lame copyright ((often copyWrong jerks like the guys who yank fan videos off uTube!!) don't give ya trouble over the rights to sell objects based on pokemon or fan cosplay & such; i'd guess there's some stuff about that online if u google it that tells how to sell crafts so big corporate greedy copyWrongPolice don't fight ya. That stuff really bugs me, i'm a huge fan of EFF (electronic frontier foundation, check'em out the original heroes & sheros of DIY & web freedoms), also a guy connected to that stuff who's a guru legal geek/genius from Stanford & now @ Harvard: Larry Lessig who fights to allow artists the right to do cool music or art that isn't "shackled" by corporate control-greed, he's really cool (dig this video of his on freedom to create: innovation & rights @ )). Dig it,, peace0ut ;-)
#3 Robert Mykoff (Homepage) on 2013-05-14 15:19 (Reply)
Thank you. Yeah, the pokeballs were actually just a custom order for someone they are not publicly available. The only thing that is publicly available are the belt clip holders so you can paint your own.
#4 Trish Dobson on 2013-05-30 16:27 (Reply)

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