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Do You Want To Be the Person to Bring New Materials to Shapeways? We Are Hiring


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Maybe you should talk to companies who make materials for 3D printing? :-)
#1 Will (Homepage) on 2013-03-29 03:35 (Reply)
It sounds like a dream job. I hope it goes to the right person.

That being said, I would urge you folks to bring an Envisiontec Perfactory into the portfolio. Other service bureaus are doing great things with their machines, especially when outfitted with the mini multi lens option. Objets are nice, but last generation.

A 5-axis jewelry-quality cnc machine would be a wondrous option as well. Even if its machines just butterboard, blue machining wax, or delrin as materials, I'd be happy.

Either option presents a lot of challenges, and would probably command a premium in price to the end user.

That being said, though, these new options wouldn't be for folks wanting to use Shapeways as a curio manufacturer. These options would be for clients of mine (I'm a freelance digital sculptor) that use your site as a commercial service bureau, and could probably be priced accordingly.

#2 John Bear Ross (Homepage) on 2013-03-29 03:56 (Reply)

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