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Fast Mercy: Transforms Without Removing Any Parts


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I'm in love w/ nearly all of Arial Lemon's stuff but in particular his Smashmeister Seismus [ ]

and not to toot my own horn too much but I've been having a lot of fun with my own upgrade kit for the Kre-o minifigures (Kreons) [ ]
#1 WuLongTi (Homepage) on 2012-12-07 17:30 (Reply)
Aw you guys put my sword up there! ;-)

That is so nice! Shapeways has really opened the door to all kinds of transformer goodness. From weapons, accessories, parts and full figures, finally what people dream of creating for their toys can become a reality.

over at there have to be over half a dozen people always coming up with the next big shapeway transformer!
#2 Lord Dragon Master (Homepage) on 2012-12-07 18:36 (Reply)
How about Brian Chan's fully posable critters at
for those of us not into transformers ?
#3 mkroeker on 2012-12-07 19:56 (Reply)
Thank you very much for introducing my work! Very exciting!
#4 Tomoo Yamaji (Homepage) on 2012-12-08 05:41 (Reply)

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