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web stencil, paper fashion and the world's most expensive cocktail


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The paper fashion made me think : "ouch! papercut!"

As for the cocktail stuff, maybe someone could propose them some special stirrers made of laser-sintered platinum/gold alloy instead of that plain oak thingy (with a 0.5 carat ruby on top of that :p).

As the drinker bag the baccarat glass, why not have a stirrer that is both classy AND unique as well?

Though is Shapeways in position to moralize the burj-al-arab when they propose 5 cubic cm titanium for 1000-2000$ :p ? (ok, it's still just a stupid drink that might taste like piss too, hehehe) ;-)
#1 aws357 on 2009-01-02 13:00 (Reply)
Yes, I agree my post was a bit too snarky and negative.
#2 JORIS on 2009-01-02 17:21 (Reply)

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