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Project RE_ by Samuel Bernier : Upcycling with 3D Printing


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While I applaud the concept, as most of us who have been 3D printing our own designs already know by now it is not cheap to get a one-off printed. I have found that the most popular items to make are those that are unique, i.e. items that are not usually available elsewhere. Some of these items shown here are variations on existing products. I won't be having a juicer 3D printed, for example. Or a paintbrush holder. When I can purchase similar items at a dollar store why pay $20 or more (just a guess) for a 3D printed item? As a free download for a digital file this absolutely works - for those lucky enough to have their own 3D printer. And kudo's to Project Re for helping to get the ball rolling in that respect.
#1 Glenn on 2012-04-09 16:58 (Reply)
Hi Glenn,
about your comment, I have some good news for you. There is many types of 3D printing and yes, some can be very expensive. There is a whole family of FDM 3D printers that cost less than 1500$ to purchase and the UP! PP3DP is one of them. The material used for these machine often cost less than 50$/kilo. Counting that most of these parts use less than 30g of plastic, this makes them roughly 1.50$ to produce. You still have the count the cost of the machine and its rentability on a longer term, but think of all the tools needed to make these objects an other way. An injection mold itself is often around 50k... and I'm not even talking about an injection press. For DIY'ers like me, this is mass production quality on a desk. If you have any questions, I'm there!
I hope this helped you.


Samuel N. Bernier
#2 Samuel Bernier on 2012-04-11 21:52 (Reply)
For more Project RE_, go on Instructables !
#3 Samuel Bernier on 2012-04-11 22:04 (Reply)

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