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"for some designers... protection may be better achieved through instant prototyping and continuous product change rather than intellectual property law"


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Your quite right, however there is a paradox here which should not be overlooked, namely that Piracy is pushing companies to become authentic and continuously creative because that is, the only way to ensure their brand longevity. That piracy is pushing companies to "authentic creativity" is almost ironic.

Moreover this creative shift will have a substantial impact on business, since it will completely disrupts the widespread cash cow mentality which is common in global business today. This shift will have a huge impact mostly on multinationals, due to their size and extensive organizational structure.

And simultaneously this shift will set the stage for a whole new breed of the creative class, smaller and leaner than their multinational counterparts, this new type will have its focus solely on continuous creative problem solving eg. identifying the problem, designing a solution and distributing the design files and then moving on to the next problem that needs to be solved. Innovation doesn't get more disruptive that this :-).

Alexander Baloche
#1 Alexander Baloche on 2012-02-08 23:05 (Reply)
Hey Alexander,

Let's hope both companies and individuals leverage the agility of digital fabrication to innovate.

It will be hard for multinationals to adjust to this shift, as we have seen the clumsy way some players have entered the 3D printing scene.

I am looking forward to seeing more individuals come together in loose collectives to cross pollinate and make their ideas real with 3D printing
#2 Duann on 2012-02-09 00:56 (Reply)
Hi Duann,

Could you sent me a link on how companies fumbled into 3D printing scene. I can image what happened but the real thing is so much more enjoyable :-).

Alexander Baloche
#3 Alexander Baloche on 2012-02-09 12:02 (Reply)
Hey Alexander,

I will not send links but the problems with 'old school thinking' are raised in a recent Forbes article.

"large traditional organizations are not good at. They will have to learn how to disrupt their own supply chains and develop new products that have not even been heard of. Traditional management won’t get the job done. They will have to set aside maximizing shareholder value. They will have to learn how to be part of the emerging Creative Economy."
#4 Duann on 2012-02-09 14:05 (Reply)
Hi Duann,

I find this stuff fascinating. Could you please provide some links or reference material where designing without IP law has been succesful, or maybe some other good info on IP law? The best website I have found on the case against IP is

#5 Howard (Homepage) on 2012-02-10 04:00 (Reply)
Hi Howard,

I always recommend this white paper as a starting point,-Intellectual-Property,-and-the-Fight-Over-the-Next-Great-Disruptive-Technology.html

#6 Duann on 2012-02-10 04:05 (Reply)
Thanks Duann!

I will look at these soon.
#7 Howard (Homepage) on 2012-02-10 17:21 (Reply)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts about self-sufficiency. Regards

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