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Announcing our First Gadget Hacking & Accessories Contest

A Sign Of The 3D Printed Times: Shapeways New York Times Feature

Pushing the Boundaries of Design & Manufacturing in 3D Printing

HackBCA: High school hackathon in NJ this weekend

The Courageous Face of 3D printing

Core77 Design Awards: Submit Your Entries

Designer for Hire: Eric van Straaten

Visit Us At SXSW, Get A 3D Selfie

Facebook Groups For The 3D Printing Community

Autodesk MeshMixer: Updated with Tools for 3D Printing

FLoB-athon Far Lands or Bust Livestream Shapeways Giveaway

DIY With Raspberry Pi And 3D Printing

Reddit Best Practices For Showcasing Your Work

The Designer Behind the Chris Christie Bridgegate Figurine

Designer for Hire: Experienced 3D Modeler James Liang

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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