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Kiosk 2.0! Get Your fresh 3D Printed Models!

Giant Robot-Driven 3D-Printer Makes Stalactites That Can Change on the Fly (VIDEO)

Formlabs Enters the Desktop 3D Printer Market

Large Scale Mobile 3D Printer to Print Architecture

3D Printed Sculptures Made by the Movement of a Swimming Fish

3d Printed Handcuff Keys Challenge Assumed Security

Is the 3D Printed "DESIGNED TO WIN" the World's Fastest Shoe?

Meet Burritob0t, 3d printed burritos in minutes... 3D Print Your Breakfast

Scanners, Gesture Control, & High Precision 3D Interaction...Oh My!

MiiCraft launches Hi-Res DLP printer for $1999

Design a 3D printer filament extruder under $250 & win $40,000 (plus other goodies)

3D Modeling, Sculpting, & Viewing Apps for your Smartphone..there will never again be a wasted minute of your day

Street artist Ludo's wonderful polyamide sculptures

3 Dimensional Greetings & Salutations!

Infographics get 3D Printed

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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