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Shapeways Body Scans at the MAD in NYC

Designer for Hire: Dhemerae Ford

3D Printing Enters the Bronze Age at Shapeways

Smithsonian X 3D Conference Explores Cultural Institutions & 3D Printing

Upgrade Your Toys With Lasers

One Week Until 'Out of Hand/Hands ON' Opens at MAD

Miniature 3D Printed People at HO Scale

Friday Finds: Defying Gravity with the Incredible Power of 3D Printing

Now Bigger Sterling Silver 3D Printing on Shapeways

Designer for Hire: Andres Roppa

Shapeways Partners with the Museum of Arts & Design for a 3D Printing Experience

Hatch Live: Head to Head Design Challenge in NYC

You Brass-ked, We Listened: Introducing Polished Brass and Raw Brass to Shapeways 3D Printing Materials

How to Make the Biggest 3D Prints from the Smallest 3D Printers

Thanks for the 3D Printing Love! Shapeways Voted the #1 Service

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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