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Seeking Designers to Feature at EAA Airventure: Send us your Planes, Drone Parts and Aerospace Models

custom drone
Do you love planes, drones or just aerospace in general? Have you heard of the Experimental Aircraft Association? Once a year they bring together air travel enthusiasts of all varieties at the world’s largest gathering of the sort, EAA Airventure, in Oshkosh Wisconsin. We’ve won a booth through a contest they held for startups and we would love to have you join us, or show off your planes and drone parts in our booth!

The Details:
July 28th – August 3rd
Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

How You Can Get Involved:
Come say Hi to Dan & I in the booth or join us! If you live nearby or are visiting the midwest and would like talk to fellow aircraft enthusiasts any of the show days, please email and we can coordinate logistics.

Can’t make it to Oshkosh? No worries! Send in any products you want shown off at the show with your designer details, any custom branding you have, and a bit about each product you’re showing. We’ll tell your story and send them back to you after the show if you’d like!

Send Planes, Drones & Aerospace Accessories To:

Savannah Peterson
c/o Shapeways
419 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016

More about EAA and Airventure can be found on their website; though this video gives you a nice taste of what is in store.

What would you fly if you could fly anything?


Shapeways Supports the First Ever White House Maker Faire and National Day of Making

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This is a special feature in honor of President Obama’s declaration that today, June 18th, is the first National Day of Making! Share your Maker Story or join in the conversation in the comments under the #NationOfMakers #Shapeways tags on Twitter.

There is a palpable shift, perhaps even a paradigm shift, occurring in the product space. The rise of the collaborative economy of makers and entrepreneurs has nudged a market lead by visionaries into the mainstream. Today, we proudly stand alongside President Barack Obama, in celebrating the first ever National Day of Making.

This change is visible across the entire technology landscape. Last week Elon Musk encouraged makers to use all of Tesla’s patents, potentially putting the future of electric cars around the world in the people’s hands. Three weeks ago, Intel announced an open sourced, 3D Printable robot kit, meant to “lower the barrier of entry into Robotics”. Malaysian Airlines has even released the data from Flight 370 in the hopes that people outside their organization can solve the mystery surrounding the crash. The people are showing their collective power and goodwill, and in turn large companies and elected bodies want to pitch in. Today, we celebrate you! In honor of you, dear Shapie maker, we showcased some of your peers in an infographic illustrating the awesome businesses you create and empower.

Share your ‘Maker Story’ on Twitter with us today from 2-3pm EST. Join the conversation and view the celebration by following #Shapeways and the #NationOfMakers hashtags on Twitter.

Sneak Peek: We are also proud to announce the first ever Shapeways Small Business Symposium, to take place later this year (more details to come soon).

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National Day of Making: Shapeways Shop Owner Stories of Inspiration

The second part of our #NationOfMakers celebration series are inspiring snippets and fun examples of Shop Owners on Shapeways.

Our #NationOfMakers knows no borders; exists without expectation or judgement; only the promise of an adventurous product design platform where creatives come to collaborate. In this spirit, we celebrate with stories from around the globe. 

Shapeways Stats at a Glance:

  • 70% of Shapeways Shop Owners Spent Less Than $100 to Open their Shapeways Shop
  • 94% of Shapeways Shop Owners Spent Less Than $1000 to Open their Shapeways Shop
  • 70% of Shapeways Shop Owners are Self-Taught 3D Modelers
  • 50% of Shapeways Shop Owners are First-Time Entrepreneurs

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New Color Alert: Announcing Shapeways Green and Yellow

Yesterday, we lowered lead times on the majority of our metals and today we are excited to announce the addition of two new nylon colors to our palette, Green and Yellow! Just in time for the world cup in Brazil. It’s the Shapeways GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL to continue to bring you more materials faster and we’re committed to holding our top spot in the 3DP bracket!

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Now Shipping Faster: Gold, Silver, Steel and Gold Plated Brass

Great news, Shapies! Today, we’re excited to announce a global reduction on lead time on some of your favorite metals! Effective immediately, lead times have been reduced for the Silver Family, the Steel Family, Gold Plated Brass and 14k Gold!

You can see the new ship dates reflect on our Materials page, upon checkout and right here in this chart. We are always working hard to get products to you and your customers faster, and we are excited to be able to do so with so many metals at once. Big props to our Supply Chain and Materials Teams for making this happen!

What would you like to see shipped faster next?


Intel to Create Open Source 3D Printed Robot Kit

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Intel demoed “Jimmy,” a “smartphone with legs,” their latest robot, customized and created from their new open source 3D printed robot kit at the Code Conference this week. This exciting announcement is a profound and inspiring move to increase participation in the robotics space. Intel is selling kits of the internal electronic and mechanical components (yet to be cost effectively 3D Printed), and they are offering the 3D printable hardware designs free online. Any Shapie, or individual with access to a 3D Printer will be able to print their own robot and have access to their social robotics platform to customize its form and function as they please.

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New Matter partners with Frog Design and Launches Desktop 3D Printer for Under Two-Hundred Dollars

Today, New Matter, launched their new and elegant desktop 3D Printer, MOD-t, on Indiegogo. There are a lot of Desktop 3D Printers on the market, and many companies and creatives have one for home iteration and leverage our million-dollar machines for the high-resolution, premium quality we ensure with our designs. New Matter’s entrance into the space with MOD-t caught my eye for a few reasons…

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Order Your Own Design and Get $10 Shapeways Credit

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We’re wrapping up our May Maker Days celebration with one last chance to print and save. Order one of your designs now in any of our materials, then come back and use your $10 3D printing credit on the next iteration or an entirely new idea. We can’t wait to see what you make next!

Valid through 11:59pm on May 31 PDT (6:59am GMT on June 1) 

The fine print: $10 Shapeways credit will be issued to all customers who order one of their own models between 4:00am on May 28th and 11:59pm on May 31st, Pacific Time. Limit 1 credit per customer. Redemption instructions will be delivered via email within 7 business days. 


Shapeways 3D Printed Gold Now Available Worldwide

We are excited to announce that 14k Gold, the latest addition to the Shapeways material family, is now available everywhere we currently ship worldwide! Your enthusiasm and patience was noted and appreciated.

Lead Time: 12 Days (16 Days for models with a bounding box greater than 56mm in all directions)
You can get all the details on the Gold Material Page. Note that Gold can now be set as a default material.
What will you make or sell in Gold first?


Special National Train Week Feature with Stony Smith

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In honor of National Train Day, we caught up with Stony Smith, one of the most prolific and talented train modelers on Shapeways. He’s been featured in Wired and has been a Shapie for years. Hop on the miniature rails and enjoy his story!

Late in 2007, my co-empty-nest wife suggested that I should “get a hobby”. Having done a bit of work with model trains over the years, I decided to try to make a complete model train layout. I had just attended the Fort Worth Model Train Show, where I had seen many options for Zscale trains. I was hooked.

Zscale is 1/220th the size of the real world items – the locomotives are about 3 inches long. In other words…. TINY! What I soon found was that Zscale allows me to pack a large amount of track and scenery into a small space, but, I also found that there was not a lot available in the category of 1:220 buildings. There are laser cut kits, etched brass kits, and I took several excursions into paper models, but all of those require a good bit of effort to construct. 

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Design Mind: Santiago Prieto and his Iterative Design Process

We caught the great photo below illustrating Santiago Prieto’s iterative design process on twitter a few weeks ago and immediately reached out. He was generous enough to share his practical and inspiring design process with us. His initial sketches (above), are only the beginning of the Sunny Day Supplies & Co story.

“[Our business] is our lemonade stand. Mostly to gain entrepreneurial muscles and work together. And we’re having a blast trying it out.” – Santiago Prieto 

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Welcome to the Golden Age of 3D Printing: Introducing 14 Carat Gold to Shapeways

Update: As of May 22nd, Gold is now available worldwide and can be set as the default material for the products in your shop. 
Featured models from left to right: Hibiscus Ring by alaswadi, Cousin Gabriel Ring by cousingabriel, Rock Ring by thefuturefuture, and Arrow Ring by courtneyetc

Today, we’re proud to welcome the most precious of metals to the Shapeways family - 14k Gold. We’ve been inspired by the accessories and jewelry you’ve made with our Silver, Brass, Bronze, and Steel; and we have heard your requests for more premium metal options. 

Droplet Pendant by LIFIC

Our solid, hand-polished 14k Gold is simply stunning. It’s meticulously polished to a beautiful, smooth sheen. With a high-shine look that’s perfect for rings, cufflinks, pendants, earrings, charms, or whatever you decide to create. Not to mention, wedding season is right around the corner, ladies and gents!
Greek mythology deemed the people of the Golden Age the “golden race” of humans who came first. You’re all part of the Shapeways Golden Age, so which one of you fearless designers will try our Gold first?

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Heartbleed Update: Shapeways is Patched

Lock Heart Charm by Bee Whitlock

We take security very seriously here at Shapeways and we value your trust. The moment we were made aware of the Heartbleed vulnerability, our engineering team went to work protecting our community, patching the problem within 14 hours. We do not anticipate any further issues and we appreciate your continued trust.

Heartbleed was an internet-wide security hole. Although we’re now patched, Heartbleed was a bug that affected the internet for the last 2 1/2 years. We recommend you change your Shapeways password and we wouldn’t be good friends if we didn’t tell you to change your other passwords to remain safe.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or security concerns you may have. We’re here to help and we value the incredible Shapeways community above all.

From bleeding hearts to hearts of steel- we’ve got you covered!

Wounded Heart Pendant by Ayame Deude