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Introducing our newest color: Orange

You asked for it, so today we bring you orange! That’s right, all our new colors are World Cup related. Last weeks Green and Yellow launches were for Brazil, the host country* and today we are rolling out Orange, for our Netherlands team ORANJE!

Flowers Bangle by Marmalade Park 

This brings our color palette for our dyed strong and flexible family to a full rainbow, just in time to show our support for Pride Month here in the USA.

Join in the Orange conversation in the forum or let us know your feedback here in the comments. We are trialing this specific shade of orange for four weeks, so let us know your feedback about the shade and we may adjust after the trial.

What will you make with orange? Will it be as good as Van Persie’s goal? What other colors do you want for your team to 3D print in?

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Join Shapeways in Paris this weekend for Maker Faire

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Bonjour amis! Our European events team is at it again, this time they’re excited to travel to Paris for Maker Faire. Join Ryan, Marie and Antoinette at these events:

On Friday June 20th, we are hosting a 3D Printing Meetup at the appropriately named Dernier Bar Avant La Fin Du Monde RSVP on for all the details.

On Saturday and Sunday, find our booth at the Maker Faire in Le CentQuatre from 10am – 7pm. Meet Makers and Shop Owners using Shapeways and find out more about how to bring your own products to life!

Nous espérons vous rencontrer à Paris!


Introducing Castable Wax: Our Newest Maker Only Material

We know you’ve been asking for it for a long time and we’re beyond thrilled to announce our next Maker Material: Wax!

From the moment we introduced metals, you asked if we could just ship the castable wax. As of today, you can order the wax of your model, ready for you to cast into any number of metals, either in your studio or at a casting house. Our wax can be cast just like normal investment casting wax, for which there’s a large variety of methods. 

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Shapeways supports Net Neutrality: Stop the Slow Lane

You may have heard about Net Neutrality in the news recently. Here’s why we at Shapeways support it. The core principle of net neutrality is that all traffic (data) traveling across the internet should be treated the same at each stage of the process. The FCC intends to propose rules that would allow Internet service providers to charge websites to access a “fast lane” and slow down every site that doesn’t pay. Any plan that allows for “pay-to-play” access is bad for startups, bad for growing businesses, and will hurt our economy.

Even though for example, Netflix, may want to pay for faster access to deliver your video, when a new video streaming startup comes along, they could be forced into a slow lane if they couldn’t pay and their videos would be patchy. Essentially, the startup is doomed before it even gets going. This is so anti-innovation that Netflix is actually against it. As are we.

Image Source: CFC Oklahoma

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Weekend Events in the US and UK

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Hey, US and UK Shapies! We’re participating in a few events this weekend that we’d love for you to be a part of. 

The USA Science and Engineering Festival is happening Friday, April 26, to Sun, April 27, in Washington, DC. This event’s mission is to the is to re-invigorate the interest of the nation’s youth in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by producing and presenting the most compelling, exciting, educational, and entertaining science festival in the USA.

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European Events in April

April is turning out to be quite a busy month for our European Events team, Ryan and Ruud. First on their agenda is the Shapeways meetup in Amsterdam. A week later they’ll follow in the footsteps of Savannah and travel to the UK, but they’ll be accompanied by our head of Customer Service, Ralph, and Operations Team Lead, Alan. Together they’ll head to Newcastle where Shapeways will attend the Newcastle Maker Faire

Amsterdam Meetup

Thursday, April 17 — 7pm – 9pm
This will be our second meetup in Amsterdam this year. Don’t forget to bring your 3D printed models. Sign up here!

Newcastle Meetup

Friday, April 25 — 7pm – 9pm
As we’re in Newcastle for the Maker Faire, we obviously felt we should grab a few drinks with the community members in the area the night before the Faire starts. RSVP here so we know you’ll attend!

Newcastle Maker Faire

Saturday – Sunday, April 26 – 27 — 10am – 6pm

We’re thrilled to again participate in the Newcastle Maker Faire. A group of selected shop owners will join our booth to show their models. We hope to see you there!

-Ruud and Ryan 


Making Bank: Shapeways Partners With The United States Mint

We’re extremely excited to announce an incredible partnership that shows the true potential of 3D printing. For a limited time, the United States Mint is partnering with Shapeways to make 3D printed coins in our Premium Silver. We are authorized to create a limited number of silver coins with a special bonus. For the first time in history, a lucky few will have the exclusive privilege of having their face embossed on the back of what is slated to become the ultimate collectors item! 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that Shapeways is proud to offer exclusively to our loyal 3D printing community. You are the ones that have helped pave the way for Shapeways to be at the forefront of the 3D printing revolution and this is our small way of giving back and saying thank you. 

We have a mintage limit of 50 coins, so as we expect demand to be high, submissions will be taken for the next 48 hours and then will be drawn as a lottery once the period has closed. To take advantage of this offer, message us on Facebook or tweet at us with the hashtag #PenniesFromHeaven. Submissions will be taken until at Midnight PST April 3rd. All entries will be placed into a lottery and the lucky 50 winners will be contacted directly by our dedicated customer service team on Thursday.

Good luck!

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Eindhoven Maker Days featuring Shapeways

It’s going to be a busy week in Europe, with our Shop Owner coach hosting several meetups in the UK and our Shapeways Eindhoven team taking part in the first Eindhoven Maker Days!

We welcome you to join us next week at these events:

Additive World Conference
Thursday, March 27 — 9am – 6.30pm
Our CEO Peter Weijmarshausen will speak during this panel at 3.30pm about what is needed to build the largest 3D printing factory in the world. 
Shapeways Eindhoven Factory Tour
Friday, March 28 — 3pm – 4.30pm
During this tour you’ll be taken down the path a 3D-printed model takes in our first factory. From ordering to printing, through post-production and onto shipping. Meet our team and ask all your questions in person! There is limited space available for attending the tour, so RSVP here!
Maker Faire Eindhoven
Saturday – Sunday, March 29 – 30 — 11am – 6pm
At the first Maker Faire held in Eindhoven, we will have a booth featuring Shapeways Shop Owners who will display their models and talk about their designs. Come and join us at the Klokgebouw over the weekend!
Makerspace Hackathon
Saturday – Sunday, March 29 – 30 — 10am – 6pm

The final event of the Maker Days is a Hackathon in which groups of four designers will be challenged to create something inspiring and innovative. This is separated in three different categories; Visualization, Arduino and of course 3D printing. Read more here.

We look forward to seeing you in Eindhoven!


First Official Tour of the Shapeways 3D Printing Factory in New York

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In October 2012, Mayor Bloomberg cut the ribbon on our new factory space, since then, we’ve been busy installing 3D printers, an office space and a distribution centre. We’ve painted the walls, installed bathroom signs, swept the floor and now, we’re extremely excited to announce our first official tour! From these humble beginnings, come and see what we’ve created…
Join us on Wednesday the 26th March at 2pm at the Shapeways Factory of the Future in Long Island City.  Learn how your design idea becomes a product though the magic of 3D printing, meet the team who bring your ideas to life and ask your questions in person.
RSVP on Meetup now for all the details.

For safety, we can only accommodate 20 people at a time. But don’t worry, we will be running tours every month so if you miss out this time, we’ll see you soon.

Can’t wait to show you where the magic happens! 


Shapeways launches Wall Thickness Fixing for all models

Shapeways has always been on the cutting edge of technology. We have brought you the ability to hold your ideas in your hand, and now we’re giving you more ways to improve them! 

Last month, we launched Wall Thickness Visualization to help you see areas where your model might need improvement to survive 3D printing, and now we help you fix them. Wall Thickness Visualization identifies weak points in your models with areas below our recommended wall thickness guidelines. 

Wall Thickness Fixing is an add-on to the Wall Thickness Visualization tool that actually thickens walls to the minimum recommended wall thickness for the material you’re working with. You can click ‘Save and Exit’ to apply your fixes or Download the fixed model files for use in your 3D Modeling software. 

Excited? Check out this example of a model fixed with Wall Thickness Fixing:

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Nothing Says Romance Like 3D Printing Events

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How’s your Valentine’s week going? Even if you’re flying solo this year, we’ve got some awe-inspiring events for our New York Shapies to celebrate love – of 3D modeling, that is. And it all starts tomorrow with the 3DPrintShow!
The 3DPrintShow February 12th – February 15th

Hosted at the Metropolitan Pavilion on W18th street, the 3DPrintShow will showcase the best of 3D printed art and fashion, and is sure to inspire you! 

Wednesday evening Feb. 12 from 7pm

Join us for an exclusive evening featuring a 3D printed catwalk show and art hang. INSPIRE tickets here.

Thursday Feb. 13 – Saturday Feb. 15: 3DPrintShow open to the public

Shapeways and Adobe are sponsoring the Art Gallery featuring our contest winners and will have a joint booth where you can try out the new Photoshop Creative Cloud, and the neat 3D printing features. Whether you’re a 3D modeler or not, we welcome you to give it a go.

Thursday Feb. 13 12:30 pm to 1:15 pm

Our very own CEO and Co-Founder, Pete Weijmarshausen, will give a keynote about the future of 3D printing. Register here.

Saturday Feb. 15th 5pm

The amazingly talented Ashley Zelinskie will be showing her work at the Printshow and giving a presentation about her intricately designed One and One Chair.

ArtsEdTech Celebrates Fashion Week.
Thursday, Feb. 13, 6 pm at Apple SoHo.

Come out for a spectacular night of inspiration celebrating Fashion Week through education and technology. Converse with your favorite Shop Owner Coach and Social Media Manager, Savannah Peterson, who will be discussing 3D printing and the Shapeways community. (Feel free to bring her roses and a box of chocolates.) Sav will be joined by fellow speakers Scott Bryer with Vans Custom Culture and Maddy Maxley of CRATED. RSVP here.

There’s so much on we hope to see your smiling faces this week!