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Celebrate the holidays Shapeways style with two events in New York City!

Add a little 3D printed cheer to your holiday calendar and come join us to celebrate a great year in 3D printing and entrepreneurship at New York City’s Wix Lounge. On November 29th in honor of Small Business Saturday we’ll be co-hosting a brunch and discussion to talk about how technology is powering small businesses of the future. On December 2nd we’ll host our first 3D printing community holiday party and you are invited to make a unique 3D printed holiday gift and mix and mingle with Shapeways designers and 3D printing enthusiasts. Details below – we hope to see you and celebrate with you soon!

3D printed jewelry Lucas Goosseens

Lucas Goossens of LucasPlus Designs

On Small Business Saturday, November 29, take a break from your holiday weekend to join us for mimosas and brunch at Wix Lounge from 1 to 2:30 pm to talk with industry insiders about technological tools that small business owners are using to power and build their businesses. Speakers include Shapeways shop owner and designer Lucas Goossens; the Art Engineer Luis Martin; Yuval Finkelstein, Training Director at Wix; Linda Missal, NYC Partnerships Manager at Townsquared; and Christine Cha; Community Outreach Manager at Wix. They will discuss how to cut through the clutter of tools for DIY entrepreneurs and discover which ones are right for your business. The event is free, but please RSVP so that we know how much mimosa makings to get!

3D printed ornament christmas holiday

On the evening of Tuesday, December 2nd we return to Wix Lounge for our first ever 3D printing community holiday party! Mix and mingle with other 3D printing enthusiasts and Shapeways shop owners and raise a glass to all the great things you’ve printed this year. Try out Shapeways 2D to 3D app, that enables you to turn a black and white drawing into a printable 3D model and other fun creative apps to create a unique 3D printed holiday gift, ornament or piece of jewelry with no modeling experience necessary. Please bring your own laptop. Light refreshments will be served, but please RSVP so we know how much to get!

Hope to see you this holiday season!


Holiday Finds: How to Open a Beer With 3D Printing

By Shapeways Crew Member John Fitzpatrick

Hi, my name is John Fitzpatrick and my friends call me, “Fitz” or on Shapeways, “Phits”. I am a web developer by day and a 3D printer by night. I chose a theme around creative bottle openers which can be a great conversation starter at holiday parties .

Below are some of my favorite!

Customizable Surfboard Bottle Opener

surfboard bottle opener 3D printed

By Phitz

What better way to open your bottles than with the customizable Surfboard Bottle Opener. It’s a great gift that can be personalized with a short name or initials. Surf’s up!

Klein Bottle Opener

Klein Bottle Opener Bathsheba 3D printed mathematical art

Klein Bottle Opener by Bathsheba

I like this creative bottle opener because it is a mathematical joke, a surface with only one side and is fashionable as well as elegant. A perfect gift for you favorite mathematician.

Gargoyle Bottle Opener

3Dprinted bottle opener gargoyle

Gargoyle Bottle Opener by JCGCCY

I can’t think of a better way to open a beer than with a gargoyle. This would be great for your friends and family who love really interesting decorative pieces.

Shark Bottle Opener

shark 3D printed bottle opener

Shark Bottle Opener by AndyZoer

It’s always Shark Week with this creative bottle opener. Just watch out for your fingers on this one.

Cuttlefish Bottle Opener

Bathsheba Cuttlefish Bottle Opener

Cuttlefish Bottle Opener by Bathsheba

If the shark bottle opener is a little too aggressive for you, just cuddle up with this bottle opener that will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Bottle Opening Ring – Sz9

3D printed ring bottle opener

By Evan Dewhirst

This is a great stylish and functional ring that can come in handy when you suddenly realize that you or a friend is in need of a beer and no one has a bottle opener. You will save the day.

Fish Bottle Opener 9

3D printed fish bottle opener

by Plain Orb

What a great looking pendant! You would never know that it is a bottle opener as well, and makes for a great gift idea for this season.

Happy Holidays!


Holiday finds: Unique 3D printed jewelry

My name is Daphne Laméris and I’m an Industrial Design Engineering student in the Netherlands and Shapeways Crew Member. I simply love to design jewelry that fits with the everyday outfit. I started making jewelry because the jewelry available in the normal stores bored me a bit with their simple shapes, so I designed complex jewelry (that sometimes can only be 3D printed) without being too overbearing. The jewelry I selected to highlight from my shop is mostly inspired by nature with flowers and organic shapes since it can appeal to a wide range of people, tastes and styles.

Leaves Butterfly Pendant

3D printed neckalce pendant butterfly leaves

This butterfly pendant exists of four leaves that form the butterfly. It’s elegant and feminine. It looks absolutely gorgeous in polished brass or silver and goes with any holidays party dress.

Rose pendant

rose pendant 3D printed necklace jewelry

This pendant is a small highly detailed rose surrounded with leaves on a curled wire. The pendant is shaped elegantly and is perfect for women of all ages.

Flower earrings

3D printed flower earrings

These wireframe earrings are inspired by the shape of flowers, and stand out because of their size while still being lightweight. The earrings are very comfortable to wear and are great for women who love to have notable earrings but want to avoid weary ears.

Teardrop shaped earrings

3D printed earrings

These teardrop shaped earrings have a complex shape that can only be produced with 3D printing. The earring is detailed with a complex outer shape containing two subtle hearts and with a little drop on the inside of the earring. While the details of the shape are very unique, the outer contours confirm to the standard shapes used in jewelry.

Bracelet of 36 squares

3D printed bracelet

This elegant bracelet consists of many connected squares that can move separately. It’s a great example of the amazing, unique pieces you can make with 3D printing. Each square contains a little space that can be decorated, for example, with hotfix stones.The closing mechanism is easy to use and prints with the rest of the bracelet.

Tie clip

Tie Clip 3D printed men's jewelry

Tie clips are perfect gifts for the man whose only jewelry is a watch (and already has too many of them). This stylish tie clip suits the fashionable men and its unique shape lightens up every tie at an affordable price.



Build Your Business with 3D Printing: Video from our Small Business Bootcamp

Shapeways now has over 22,000 shop owners who are building their businesses using 3D printing. The ability to build a 3D printing powered business is very new and we are proud that it is our community at Shapeways who are leading the way in developing best practices for these creative, small business owners. To further support and celebrate our shop owners we organized our first ever Small Business Bootcamp on October 24th, 2014 in New York City. It was a day of entrepreneurial and design inspiration that offered concrete advice on business planning, marketing and designing 3D printed products from Shapeways shop owners with support from Shapeways staff members.

3D printing small business conference

3D printing offers the opportunity of mass customization and making products you want, not just what is available. As Wayne Losey of Modio and creator of Modibot said as he discussed his discovery of 3D printing and possibility for customization after working in the toy industry, “We don’t live in a world where everyone loves Elvis. We have choices now.”

Wayne was just one of the speakers who shared ideas and resources the Bootcamp and you can find videos of the full sessions from the Small Business Bootcamp on our YouTube channel. We hear a lot from our community of shop owners and designers about where you feel you need extra information, guidance and inspiration as you build your business. We worked to highlight shop owners in our community that stand out as examples of marketing, branding, product development and their ability to create a unique business and audience.

The morning of the Bootcamp focused on business basics from a 3D printing perspective. We kicked it off with a keynote talk from David Gillespie, Shapeways Vice President for Manufacturing, about how 3D printing is driving the future of manufacturing and why he is excited to be working to solve the design and business challenges our community presents encounters. He was followed by Susan Taing, founder of bhold, who discussed her process of product development and iteration and how to choose a “winning” product. Melissa Ng, of Lumecluster, discussed her business planning process and how she finds and shares inspiration as an entrepreneur. Kacie Hultgren of Pretty Small Things and Jeremy Burnich of Joy Complex discussed how they brand and market their shops with Global Community Manager Savannah Peterson.

In the afternoon we focused on practical tips for designing and maximizing the potential of Shapeways and 3D printing in your business. Thomas Ellison, Customer Service Team Lead, about the basics of intellectual property for 3D printing. Design Evangelist for Education Lauren Slowik moderated a panel with 3D printed metal sculptor Bathsheba Grossman, artist Ashley Zelinskie, and Wayne Losey about how they have found a niche and established themselves in their fields using 3D printing. The day ended with a panel on how to optimize your designs for the materials Shapeways offers and featured presentations from Rob from Gotham Smith and Christian Brock of Wulong Toys along with Raphael Stargrove and Gabe Leader-Rose, Shapeways Physical Product Managers.

3D printing small business materials

While 3D printing is a great way to create custom products, when you are launching a business there is always more to do to market and present your products to the world. In the spirit of the day, Bathsheba remarked, “The plain object, or the art, doesn’t sell itself – it’s the aura around it. 3D printing helps that, although it was easier 10 years ago. It’s starting to go away.” This also raises a challenge: as 3D printing becomes more widespread, what new challenges will arise for small business owners?

What do you think will the future of 3D printed business will hold? We plan to make this conference an annual event and look forward to your suggestions of what additional topics you would like to cover or delve into more deeply, and speakers you would like to hear from.

If you are in New York and would like to talk more about the small business of the future and how new technology is empowering small business owners, please join us for a Small Business Saturday Brunch at Wix Lounge on Saturday November 29 from 1 to 2:30 pm. You can find more details and RSVP on the Wix website!


Winners of the 3D animation to 3D print contest

3D printing holds almost endless possibility for 3D animators and this fall we teamed up with the 3D Modeling and Animation Group on Facebook and Mold3D to host a contest to invite animators to turn their characters into a desktop figurine that could be 3D printed by Shapeways.

Our judges, Edward Quintero and Rob Vignone of Mold3D; Justin Hanes, founder of the 3D Modeling and Animation Group; and Andrew Thomas, animator and Customer Service team member at Shapeways, had a great time looking through the entries and were inspired by the imagination and technical skill that each participant brought to the figurines they entered. It was a tough decision, but here were the judges top picks:

First prize: 3inch Mad Skeleton by MStyle183

3D printed figurine skeleton

The judges loved how this slightly evil looking little guy also seemed like a really fun toy.

Second Prize: The Gunfighter by Richard’s Maquettes

3D printed figurine Gunfighter plastic animation model

The judges thought the character design was impressive and this figurine highlighted the artistry this designer is capable of.

We had two third place winners:

Third Prize: Bones V2 by Mattbag

3D printed plastic skeleton plastic

The judges felt that the functionality of this model was really cool, had great craftsmanship and it’s the way it can be posed could be really helpful for other animators.

Third Prize:  Bull Moose by Ponson

3D printed figurine moose character animation

The judges loved Ponson’s unique style and highly original characters.

Are you an animator who is curious to try 3D printing? Check out our tutorials to help you get started, including tips and tricks for character models, and how to prepare your render for 3D printing!


The future of 3D printing is now: A new factory for Shapeways Eindhoven

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3Dprinting factory opening

Pete Weijmarshausen cutting the ribbon with Katja Lucas from Dutch Design Week, the Royal Commissioner Wim van de Donk, and the Mayor of Eindhoven, Rob van Gijzel

The future of 3D printing is looking brighter and brighter, as more people design custom that are exactly what they want. As excitement about 3D printing has grown, so has Shapeways and on Monday, October 20 we opened the our new 3D printing factory in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This is our third location in Eindhoven and the largest so far! We’re so excited because we will not only be able to produce 3D printed products more efficiently at this new facility, but it has plenty of room to grow for the future. It’s a milestone in Shapeways history and we’re excited to be growing in the city where we began.

3D printing factory opening

Pete Weijmarshausen welcomes guests and the Shapeways team to the new Shapeways Eindhoven factory

At the opening Shapeways co-founder and CEO Petere Weijmarshausen kicked off the evening and talked about how Shapeways grew from one office with one chair and desk to a company of 150 with factories on both sides of the Atlantic. We were also joined by very special guests Katja Lucas from Dutch Design Week, the Royal Commissioner Wim Van De Donk, and the Mayor of Eindhoven, Rob van Gijzel who spoke about the significance of Shapeways and 3D printing for Dutch design, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The entry hallway at our new Eindhoven factory

The entry hallway at our new Eindhoven factory

With Dutch Design Week in full swing we were honored that Katja Lucas made time in her busy schedule to talk about how 3D printing and companies like Shapeways are empowering designers to push their imaginations and their designs. The Rob van Gijzel, Mayor of Eindhoven, spoke about the city’s tradition of nurturing technological visionaries and the entrepreurial spirit that Shapeways exemplifies. The Royal Commissioner, Wim van de Donk, said he felt like, “A part of history,” and drew connections to Einstein’s time in Eindhoven and how 3D printing is not only driving our imaginations, but the next industrial revolution.

We also wanted to thank you, our community, for enabling us to bring your designs to life over the past six years. We’re all learning and growing together in this new industrial revolution and are curious to know, what do you think will be the next big thing in 3D printing? What are you looking forward to?

Shapeways Eindhoven 3D printing team

Three cheers for our community and thank you from the Shapeways Eindhoven team!

Want to see more of our Eindhoven factory? Join us on this minute-long, Hyperlapse tour!


Shapeways Community at Dutch Design Week

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Shapeways Dutch Design Week 3D printing

Shapeways staff members David Gillespie and Ruud van Muijzenberg discuss 3D printing with Dutch Design Week visitors

For the fifth year in a row Shapeways is proud to participate in Dutch Design Week, a week long showcase of all that’s new and innovative in Design in the Netherlands held in our European hometown of Eindhoven. Shapeways designers and shop owners also are a big presence at Dutch Design week and had a chance to show off their 3D printed designs, jewelry and accessories. It’s my first time attending Dutch Design Week and I’ve been really excited about the innovation and energy on display, as well as the engagement of visitors, who are all enthusiastic about learning about innovative design possibilities.

3D printed Dutch Design Week products

Daphne Lameris explains the process of 3D printing with Selective Laser Sintering

The Shapeways booth features a wide selection of products that show off the possibilities of our different materials, including Strong Flexible Plastic, Full Color Sandstone, Ceramics and our many different metals, including 3D printed steel and precious metals like silver and gold. An eye catching addition to our booth this year are three clocks by Plokk, which are 3D printed in strong flexible nylon plastic. Created by Henk Hulshof and Gertjan Westerbeke these clocks bring Christiaan Huygens’ pendulum clock, as designed at his drawing board in 1656, to the 21st century. At Plokk’s Shapeways shop you can download a 3D file to adjust and customize the clock face.

3D printed clocks Dutch Design Week Plokk

Henk Hulshof shows off the Caliber 1 Plokk, a fully 3D printed clock

It’s been great to talk with visitors about how 3D printed products are made and many were amazed at the fact you could print complex objects with interlocking, moving parts at one go. They were especially taken with the Double 8 fabric squares created by Vincent Greco and the garment based on the biometrics of shark skin that was made during our Computational Fashion Masterclass.

Daphne Lameris 3D printed jewelry Dutch Design Week

Daphne Lameris displays her 3D printed jewelry

On opening weekend we were joined by Shapeways Crew member Daphne Lameris, an industrial design and engineering student who creates 3D printed jewelry and accessories. Daphne is also an expert on the 3D printing process and jumped right in to answer visitors questions about how 3D printing works. Dario Scapitta also joined us to show off his beautiful 3D printed jewelry. We were also happy to see that Shapeways shop owner Ina Sufeleers had her own exhibit  for Ola, her line of 3D printed jewelry, right near the Shapeways booth.

3D printed jewelry Dutch Design Week

Jewelers and Shapeways shop owners Ina Suffeleers and Daria Scapitta meet at Dutch Design Week

Ola jewelry 3D printed Dutch Design Week

Ina Suffeleers displays off her Ola 3D printed jewelry at Dutch Design Week

We also love meeting community members and seeing what they make with Shapeways. When Felix Mollinga came to our booth and showed us the ring he created from a scan of his face and 3D printed with Shapeways of course I had to snap a picture!

3D printing jewelry Shapeways ring Dutch Design Week

Designer Felix Mollinga shows off the ring he made from a scan of his face that he 3D printed with Shapeways

Our exhibition at Dutch Design Week is open until October 26th and we will also be joined by community members FabMe Jewelry, Somersault 18:24 and Virtox, who has joined us for 5 years at Dutch Design Week! If you are visiting Dutch Design Week this year we’d love to see you!



Time-IT Watch: How 3D printing can drive innovation in wearable tech

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Time-IT watch has produced a new watch series using Shapeways to print the watch cases in bronze. I talked with Ramon Groen, the company’s founder, about his company and how 3D printing is helping to push the boundaries of product development and wearable tech.

3D printed watch, wearable tech

Please introduce yourself. What is your background and what inspired you to create Time-IT watch?

My name is Ramon Groen and I have been entrepreneurial since the start of the new millennium. I made career at a former Philips division and in 2004 I founded my own company, TIME-IT watch. We had the idea of creating a watch never seen before – a LED display with linear time reading system that we hoped could change perception of time. TIME-IT watch company ( specializes in designer LED watches even received a design award in Paris in 2006. I’m proud to say that TIME-IT is one of the mayor players in the niche market for designer LED watches worldwide.

What was your design and iteration process like?

When we started the company we had to start from scratch. We had to build a non-existing technology and it took us lots and lots time to send samples back and forth to one another. It was an intense iteration process and took about two years to have our first watch ready that worked really well.

3D printed watch wearable tech

Limited edition watch with cover printed by Shapeways

How did 3D printing enable you to bring this idea to life?

We always want to experiment with new designs, techniques and materials. Based on our experience in the development and production of watches and having acces to a 3d printer we decided to make some prototypes just around the corner of our office in Amsterdam. We got so excited with the outcome and were surprised with the speed of this new design and iteration proces that we decided to send a 3d]D design to Shapeways to see how a high quality 3D print would look and whether it would be good enough to use as end product. The result was mind blowing! We decided to launch our first limited watch series of 200 watches with the case printed in in bronze metal by Shapeways.

In your opinion, how do you feel 3D printing is enabling and empowering product designers?

I think 3d printing is the future for product designers. it’s a great way to get to the best design in a short time, no expensive moulds or tooling is needed, practically you make a product at ‘no cost.’

Want to find more wearable tech? Check out other innovative accessories and gadgets printed with Shapeways!


Introducing kids and families to 3D printing: Shapeways at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

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3D printed products children's museum exhibition

Shapeways show and tell table at the exhibition opening

Shapeways is proud to be working with the Brooklyn Children’s Museum to introduce the next generation of 3D designers, engineers, scientists and inventors to 3D printing. The exhibition “More than meets the ‘I’” opens today and runs through January 19, 2015. It explores the future of biology, health, robotics and technology and features a display of 3D printed products created by our talented designers and 3D printed by Shapeways, as well as the Ultimaker 2 desktop printer.

3D printing children's museum exhibition

A view of our exhibition case and show and tell table

I worked with Sandra Vanderwarf, Curator and Collections Manager, and Marcos Stafne, Vice President of Programs and Visitor Experience, at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum as a guest curator to select models from Shapeways that illustrate the possibilities of 3D printing and would be fun and engaging for a young audience.

3D printed children's museum exhibition

Preparing the exhibition at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

The exhibition explores how 3D printed products are made and highlights how 3D printing is used to make complex, custom objects like jewelry, figurines and toys, as well as scientific models like crystals and cells, and practical objects like glasses and prosthetic limbs.

3D printing children's museum exhibition

Showing off 3D printed designs at the exhibition opening

It was a fun challenge to write the text and choose the final objects for this exhibition because 3D printing can be difficult for adults to understand. Sandra and I struggled to describe how selective laser sintering works and other 3D printing processes work. Here’s a sneak peek of what we came up with, “Instead of printing a design in ink, 3D printers use melted wax and powdered plastic, or minerals mixed with glue. The printer stacks tiny layers of these materials on top of each other to build a model of your design from the bottom up.”

3D printer children's museum exhibition ultimaker desktop printer

The Ultimaker 2 with a Full Color Sandstone grumpy cat figurine with full color sandstone powder and an example gypsum, one of the minerals that goes into making full color sandstone

I am really proud to have the opportunity to work on this exhibition, as I started my career as a museum educator and I love museums as spaces to learn and explore. The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is a great partner for Shapeways because they innovated the idea of creating a museum focused on children when they were founded in 1899 and have inspired children’s museums around the country and the world!

I’m excited because the kids and families that come to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum today are the innovators and inventors that will push technologies like 3D printing forward tomorrow. What do you think is next for 3D printing? How can kids help? And finally, how would you describe 3D printing to the next generation?

Are you a kid or a parent that wants to learn more about 3D printing? Try out our Introduction to 3D design & printing for kids tutorial. And for design inspiration, check out the work of Zach Tsiakalis-Brown, one of the youngest Shapeways shop owners!




Build your business with 3D printing: Shapeways Small Business Bootcamp October 24

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I am so excited to announce the first ever Shapeways Small Business Bootcamp in New York City, taking place October 24th from 9:30 to 4 pm, with a happy hour to follow. Read on for a schedule of talks, speakers and how to RSVP. 

3D printed business planning

3D printing is powering small businesses and empowering creative entrepreneurs to design, produce and sell unique products that fill specific needs for consumers. Join us for the first ever Shapeways Small Business Symposium for a day of entrepreneurial and design inspiration, as well as advice on business planning, marketing and designing 3D printed products.

Speakers include entrepreneurs who have launched successful businesses using 3D printing and Shapeways staff members who are experts in the 3D printing design and production process. Participants will come away with a deeper knowledge about the mechanics of 3D printing and design and the tools they need to launch, or grow, their business with 3D printing.

The Shapeways Small Business Bootcamp is hosted by Union Square Ventures. The event is free and light breakfast and lunch are provided. Advance registration is required. Please reserve your spot here.

If you are not able to join us day-of: We’ll be recording the event and will make it available on Shapeways’ YouTube channel.

3D printing working planning business


9:30 am Welcome and Keynote: How 3D printing is driving the future of manufacturing
David Gillespie, Vice President of Manufacturing at Shapeways

10 am: Designing a winning product
The inspiration, design and iteration process behind successful product design
Susan Taing, founder of Bhold

10:30 am: Planning for your 3D printing powered business
Melissa Ng, founder of, wonderlands for the entrepreneurial mind

11 am: Build your brand: Marketing and branding for your 3D printing business
Jeremy Burnich, Joy Complex
Bryan Salt, Thinker Thing
Kacie Hultgren, set designer, educator and owner of Pretty Small Things
Moderated by Savannah Peterson, Global Community Manager at Shapeways

12 pm: Staying motivated as an entrepreneur
Facilitated by Eleanor Whitney, Community Outreach Coordinator at Shapeways and Savannah Peterson

12:30 pm: Lunch and breakout discussions with Shapeways staff
Build your business with the Shapeways API
Merchandising your Shapeways shop

1:30 pm: The basics of copyright for 3D printing
Thomas Ellison, Customer Service Lead at Shapeways

2 pm: Building a custom, 3D printed design business
Bathsheba Grossman, artist and 3D printed metal sculptor
Wayne Losey, Chief Creative and PlayMaker of Modio
Ashley Zelinskie, artist
Moderated by Lauren Slowik, Design Evangelist for Education at Shapeways

3 pm: Design for optimal 3D printing: know your materials
Christian Brock, Wulongti Toys
with Raphael Stargrove and Gabriel Leader-Rose, Physical Product Managers at Shapeways

The event is free and light breakfast and lunch are provided. Advance registration is required. Please reserve your spot here.

 5 to 7:30 pm: Happy Hour at Barn Joo
Connect, relax and share more ideas and inspiration over drinks and snacks. Please RSVP.

Klein Bottle Opener Bathsheba 3D printed mathematical art

Klein Bottle Opener by Bathsheba

Speaker Bios:

Susan Taing is a designer and maker based in New York with experience spanning creative, tech and manufacturing. An MIT and Stanford grad with experience in Product Marketing at Google, her company Bhold creates thoughtfully designed functional objects that are also fun, whimsical and elegant.

Melissa Ng is the founder of, wonderlands for the entrepreneurial mind, where she helps makers of all types battle their fears through writing and 3D printed Dreamer Masks.

Jeremy Burnich, of Joy Complex, is a self taught designer with a passion for art and sculpture. He has  worked and apprenticed with some amazing artists and is now finding his own voice. He believes a piece of jewelry is a wearable sculpture and art meant to be touched.

Igor Kenezevic is the founder of Alienology, a Los Angeles based design studio and consultancy, active in the areas of Product Design, Architecture, Concept Design for film and themed environments – all done with expert 2D and 3D CGI skills.

Bryan Salt is the Founder/Partner and Creative Director of Thinker Thing, which  has developed a radical new process to build real objects using a touch screen user interface.Bryan has worked on the cutting edge of technology for the last 25 years, for companies such as Televirtual, blue chip Medical companies and the British Military on virtual reality visualizations and simulations.

Wayne Losey is a career toy maker who has migrated from traditional toys to push the boundaries of 3D printed products. He now brings his product and storytelling expertise to the digital world as the Chief Creative and PlayMaker of Modio, a 3D printing app that empowers users to design, customize and print their own unique creatures and characters.

Bathsheba Grossman is an artist exploring the region between art and mathematics. Her work was in TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential designs of 2007 and has been influential in popularizing direct-metal printing as an art medium.  She has encouraged 3D printing suppliers and developers to consider art and design applications as a strong market.

Kacie Hultgren of Pretty Small Things is a set designer for live performance by day and maker by night.  Her experiments using desktop 3D printers for model building led to a miniatures business catering to dollhouse enthusiasts. She is also a 3D printing educator, producing tutorials for

Ashley Zelinskie is a Brooklyn based artist whose work aims to blur the lines between art and technology.

Christian Brock is a Web Developer, Cyber Ninja, Hard Core Transformers Fan, Paper Engineer and Toy Designer at WuLong Toys.


Mold3D joins the 3D animation to 3D print contest as a co-sponsor

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Are you an animator or 3D modeler interested in trying out 3D printing? You have until October 15th to join our 3D animation to 3D print contest for the chance to win your original figurine printed by Shapeways, Shapeways printing credit and a chance to featured on Mold 3D’s website.

Today we’re really excited to announce that Mold3D has joined the 3D Modeling and Animation Group on Facebook as a co-sponsor for the contest. is a 3D Printing website that focuses on producing quality content and resources for artists that was launched in January 2014 by animation industry veterans Edward Quintero and Robert Vignone. Edward has over a decade of experience as a designer, 3D artist and entrepreneur, including as a co-founder of design firm Massive Black, and as a senior artist at Industrial Light and Magic and Dreamworks Animation. Robert Vignone is a 3D print artist and teacher, and has worked at studios such as Weta Digital, Disney Feature Animation and Sony Cinematics. At Shapeways we love what Mold3D is working on because they provide a place for 3D modelers, sculptors, designers and 3D Print enthusiasts to come together to learn, share, promote their work and inspire each other.

3D printed robot

TrafficBot by Steve Talkowski more at

Edward and Robert told me they were inspired to start the site because, while there were plenty of 3D Printing news sites around at the time, they felt there was a need for a 3D Printing community strictly dedicated to artists working in the entertainment industry. Since their launch Mold 3D has produced 3D printing workshops and build a community of 3D printing enthusiasts.

For the 3D animation to 3D print contest as co-sponsors Robert and Edward will be participating as judges, and the winner of the contest will also be featured on Get all of the contest details here. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


How you can join the world’s most dynamic 3D printing and design community

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From Maker Faires to meetups to online hangouts, since joining the Shapeways Community Team I’ve been inspired and and motivated by the dynamic community of creatives, makers, and 3D printing experts that that make Shapeways who we are. It’s my passion to connect creative people to opportunities and resources and at Shapeways I’m proud to work on projects that reach out, engage and connect our community members. If you want to be a 3D printing leader and want to get more involved in Shapeways, here’s how:

Shapeways Community 3D printed scans models

Check out our new Community page for a quick reference for upcoming Shapeways events around the world and links to our blog, forums and tutorials, as well as other community highlights.

Scotland Shapeways Community Meetup

Join us for World Meetup Weekend, being held October 24 to 26. World meetup weekend is your chance to join the worldwide 3D printing party with Shapeways community members. Host an event to share the spark of 3D printing and design with your community, whether a happy hour show and tell, a talk or a hands-on workshop – whatever you feel will help share and spread the 3D printing love! Register as a host and receive expert event planning guidance, as well as cool Shapeways swag. Fill out this quick volunteer host form by September 30 and we’ll send you more information!

Meetup 3D printing community

On Friday, October 24 in New York City we’ll be kicking off World Meetup Weekend with the first ever Shapeways Small Business Symposium. This all-day symposium will focus on entrepreneurial and design inspiration, as well as the practical side of building a business with 3D printing. Speakers will include top Shapeways community members and Shapeways staff experts on design, materials and marketing. We plan to livestream the event for our community around the world. A happy hour will follow! More details to come very soon, so save the date and mark your calendar for a day of learning, networking and inspiration.

Shapeways 3D printing community

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Conversation with designer Michiel Cornelissen about opening MCHL designstore featuring his 3D printed products

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design store retail Utrecht

Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen just opened MCHL, an independent design store with innovative products from housewares to jewelry and electronics accessories, in Utrecht in the Netherlands. As it might be the only design store of its kind in the world where the majority of the collection is 3D printed I asked Michiel more about launching a retail store and how 3D printing is powering his business.

Tell us a little about your boutique MCHL. What can shoppers expect to find there?

MCHL is a design shop which has items in all the categories you’d expect: small furniture pieces, interior items and jewellery. What sets it apart is that most items there are made using ‘democratic’ production technologies such as 3d printing; and I always try to use that to my advantage, putting little innovations in just about every design that’s in the shop. And I think you’ll see my love of pattern and structure coming back in many of the products on offer.

3D printed design store

You already sell your designs all around the world at places like MoMA designs store in New York and Japan, the Tate Modern in London and Centre Pompidou in Paris. What inspired you to open a freestanding boutique? How do you hope the boutique will help your design business evolve?

I’m extremely lucky to have encountered people and brands that have helped me reach a worldwide public with some of my products – a dream come true. Shapeways itself is a great, innovative channel, where I’m happy to have a presence. But there were always so many ideas that somehow still couldn’t get out there; for instance, products that combine 3D printing with other, non standard materials; and some products are simply too expensive for wholesale margins, but work perfectly well when I sell them directly. In MCHL, we can bring all those products together and offer them in an environment that we can design exactly like we would like it to be; hopefully offering a truly wonderful shopping experience to our customers.

3D printed design Michiel Cornelissen

Also, it’s a really good experience for me to be in such direct contact with customers; seeing what works, and perhaps what doesn’t. We’ve also noticed that having a physical presence in the city is a great way to get to know people, some of whom are even turning into either clients or suppliers.

3D printed design

How has 3D printing helped you grow your design business? What opportunities do you think 3D printing offers to independent business owners such as yourself?

Although I happily work with clients totally outside of the 3D printing arena, I can safely say that 3D printing is becoming very much intertwined with my business. There’s my own work in 3D printing, such as what you can find in MCHL, but I also help companies research what 3D printing can mean for them. And I’m working on product design and creative direction for a well-known 3D printing manufacturer now – a perfect match for my interests.
In general, one important aspect of 3D printing is that it’s lowering barriers for the production of physical objects – which has enabled me to open my shop, but it also puts the creation of great, innovative products in reach of many more people then before.

3D printed design necklaces Michiel Cornelissen

What’s next for MCHL?

Because design, production and sales are so closely linked now, it seems like there’s something new in MCHL every week, and we’re definitely trying to keep that up. Beyond that, there are plans, but some are rather wild and far off – so it’s probably best to keep them to myself for now.

Visit Michiel Cornelissen’s Shapeways Shop to see more of his products and MCHL at Oudegracht 254, Utrecht, The Netherlands or on the web or Facebook


Announcing the 3D animation to 3D print contest

We are thrilled to team up with the 3D Modeling and Animation Group on Facebook to bring you an exciting opportunity to bring a unique character to life with 3D printing! If you are an animator who creates movies and video games, we invite you to join the 3D Animation to 3D Print contest to win Shapeways credit and the opportunity to hold any creation that you can imagine in your hand. The contest runs through October 15th and you can get all the details on the contest page.

Strong Dog by Bill Plympton from the Plymptoons shop on Shapeways

Strong Dog by Bill Plympton from the Plymptoons shop on Shapeways

To help launch the contest I talked with the 3D Modeling and Animation Group’s founder Justin Haynes about what inspired him to start the group and why, as an animator, he is excited about the possibilities of 3D printing.

Eleanor: What’s your background and how did you get into animation and what inspired you to start the group on Facebook? 


 Justin Haynes: I live in the extremely small town of Greenview tucked away in the mountains of northern California. It is in the middle of beautiful Scott Valley in Siskiyou County. My highschool offered a CAD class my Jr year that I took. In the class we also learned Rhinoceros Nurbs Modeling program.

I modeled as much as possible at school because I did not have a computer at home strong enough for modeling. I came in early, at lunch, and stayed after class working on models. The renderings on the school computers would sometimes take all night. So I wouldn’t be able to see a rendered image until the next morning.

I soon learned as much as the teacher and programs book could teach me so naturally I went online. I saw that there was no group specifically for modeling and animation on Facebook. Facebook was still rarely new at this point. I decided to create the group and it has grown far beyond my expectations.

How has the group grown and evolved? 

JH: Right now the group is the largest and most active 3d modeling and animation community on Facebook. We gain around 100 members every day.

The group has artist from all over the world from beginners to experts. Jobs have been offered and filled from this group. Artist collaborate across the globe.  New and growing artist get help from experts. And everyone gets to show off there work and receive feedback.

Working as a 3D artist is my dream. As of now I currently work 6/7 days a week at a lumber mill. Modeling and animation is a hobby at the moment.

The group is too large at the moment to moderate on my own. While working as a 3D artist is my dream, I currently work six or seven days a week at a lumber mill and modeling and animation is still a hobby at the moment. Fortunately, I have an amazing team of admins helping to keep the group as clean and helpful as possible.

I have bigger dreams for the group. I am working on getting a website up for the group and it will be amazing!

A model in process by Justin Haynes

A model in process by Justin Haynes

You are relatively new to 3D printing. What was it like the first time you got to hold one of your creations in your hand? 

JH: The first time I held a 3d printed model was a spring out of corn starch in high school. I thought…it actually works as a spring. My mind went off on everything I could now create and print! A working drum pedal? A bicycle? Anything!!!

Shapeways now let’s me create and print whatever I can imagine without having to own and hassle with a 3d printer! I am currently working on a ring for my girlfriend.

Do you have a creation that you want to bring to life? Enter the 3D Animation to 3D Print contest by October 15th! Visit the contest page for more details and for some helpful hints about getting started.



September Shapeways 3D printing events in New York City

Here at the Shapeways headquarters in New York City we’re buzzing with excitement about all of our September events. With MakerCon and Maker Faire just around the corner and factory tours, workshops, talks and meetups for designers, educators, and 3D printing enthusiasts galore, September is a great time to come out and get involved with the Shapeways community in New York City! Here’s a rundown of what’s happening and how you can join us:

Screenshot 2014-09-10 13.42.22

September 15, 5 to 7 pm: Getting Started with 3D Printing for Custom Fashion Design in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Part of the BKStyleCon event.

September 17 & 18: MakerCon, a professional conference by and for makers held at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen will give a talk about 3D printing your favorite brands and the real future of product design at 11:20 am on Wednesday, September 17. We will also be hosting factory tours at our Long Island City factory on Friday, September 19 for attendees of MakerCon. You can buy tickets to MakerCon here.

September 18, 12 to 1 pm: Making dreams into reality with 3D printing and Shapeways hosted by QNS Collective in Long Island City, Queens. Melissa Ng, creator of Lumecluster: wonderlands for the entrepreneurial mind, will share her creative design process and walk participants through the process of creating 3D printed products and works of art with Shapeways. Reserve here.

September 18, 6 to 8 pm: Pre-Maker Faire 3D Printing Meetup with Shapeways + Ultimaker hosted by Shapeways at our Long Island City factory. Come and learn how you can use your Ultimaker together with Shapeways, share your prints and take a look around the factory!

September 20 & 21: World Maker Faire New York. Hosted by the New York Hall of Science in Queens, New York come find Shapeways in the 3D printer village! At 2pm on Saturday, September 20th join Shapeways Crew and community members for a community meetup. Meet at the Shapeways booth to explore the fair together, attend a talk and a happy hour to follow at 6pm at LIC bar in Long Island City, Queens.

Screenshot 2014-09-10 13.46.50

September 24, 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Meetup: 3D Printing in Public Libraries. Hosted by the Brooklyn Public Library at the Shelby White and Leon Levy Information Commons at the Central Library. Libraries are on the front lines of innovation and providing access to and understanding of the latest technologies, including 3D printing. Join members of the Shapeways and staff and community members of the Brooklyn Public Libraries to discuss how they are using 3D printing in library programs and services and how 3D printing can fit into public and educational programs at libraries and schools.

September 25, 7 pm. Designers + Geeks: Lasers and Internet Memes – 3D printing for all. Hosted by Huge in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Shapeways Designer Evangelist Lauren Slowick will illuminate the 3D mysteries under the all the hype. She will also share tips to help you get started designing your own products with software tools you probably already know how to use. Designers + Geeks features talks from experts on design, technology, startups, and all manner of geekery. Purchase tickets.

September will be a great time to be inspired and expand your 3D printing network. We look forward to seeing you!