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Five Reasons to Give a 3D Printed Gift this Holiday Season

3D printed holiday gifts

Future Bow: Mini by jbare design

At Shapeways, it feels like the holiday season 365 days a year. As Andrew Walker of UniquePlastique so aptly explained, “3D printing is seriously addictive, the first time I got my designs in the mail it was like birthday, Christmas and winning an Oscar all at the same time. I love it!”

So what’s behind that magical feeling of creating your own product or finding the perfect gift? Here are five reasons to get a 3D printed gift this holiday season, and win the Oscar for best gift.

1. You’re supporting independent designers around the world

At Shapeways, you can discover innovative, hard to find and custom gifts. These original products are designed by some of the most creative artists, engineers and entrepreneurs who live and work in over 130 countries! Many of them are first-time entrepreneurs, so selling their first, second and even 10th product is a huge validation that people are interested in their work and vision. It’s also a signal that you really can make a living doing what you love! Hear it directly from Lucas Goossens of LucasPlus.

2. Everything is made to order, just for you (and your family and friends, and everyone you know and love)

3D printing enables you to create products on demand, when people order them. This is huge because it means there’s neither waste, nor inventory sitting on the shelves sadly waiting for Santa’s elves to sweep them off into the night. You can get custom gifts without the high price tag. Read up on how 3D printing at Shapeways works, or watch this video:

3. You can add your personal touch, without having to learn CAD

For many people, myself included, 3D modeling is still a bit daunting, though we have LOTS of tutorials that can help you get started. If you’re not ready to take the plunge into CAD, 3D printed gifts can be easily customized by working with a designer or using an app. Pretty soon, you’ll be unstoppable.

Unstoppable T-Rex by Ryan Kittleson

4. You’ll get reactions like, “OMG. Where did you find this?! HOW DID YOU KNOW?”

Does your best friend like drones…and GoPros? What if you could find them a GoPro mount for their drone? What if your little sister is obsessed with Celestia from My Little Pony or if your dad envisions himself an inventor and can’t get enough life hacks? 3D printing enables you to get exactly what you want, and not just what’s available. And that means you can get your loved ones exactly what they want too! Shop our gift guide for some of our favorite hard to find gifts, or explore the marketplace and find exactly what you’re looking for.

5. Because 3D printing is awesome (duh).

Give a 3D printed gift and you’ll be supporting an independent designer, reducing waste, and bringing an idea to life using one of the most exciting technologies of the 21st century. Lasers sintering loose powder layer by layer. Forms described by digital blueprints. Products that are literally impossible to make any other way. Time to keep calm and 3D print your way into your loved ones’ hearts.

Keep Calm and 3D Print by 3by3D


Explore the Shapeways 2014 Gift Guide!



Target Opens Up Shapeways Shop With Customizable, Exclusive 3D Printed Gifts for Your Holiday



We’re excited to announce today that Target is the first major retailer to embark on 3D printing with Shapeways, debuting an exclusive holiday collection of customizable charms, rings and ornaments in the Target Shapeways Shop.

Shapeways and Target share a philosophy of making great design available for all, whether you know how to 3D model or prefer to tweak and tinker. You can choose from over 150 exclusive, one-of-a-kind products created by Target’s design team. The best part? You can personalize your product, from the material to color to engraving. The keepsakes can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and can be purchased for as low as $7.99, so you can find and create the perfect gift at any price point.

This partnership marks big steps for the 3D printing industry, helping people see the amazing benefits of technology and create more easily:

  • Target’s products can be easily customized, making getting what you want even easier. Like other customization and DIY tools we offer, this marks a big step in giving everyone the ability to design their own product.
  • 3D printing is proving to be a viable option for product development across all stages, for independent designers to larger teams. Moving beyond prototyping, the Target at Shapeways Shop features finished 3D printed products in materials including Steel and Silver.
  • Target’s designs are being displayed side by side with those of our vibrant community. This highlights just how talented our community is and the amazing products that are made every single day through 3D printing.

In order to create customizable products, Target is using ShapeJS, a developer tool we launched earlier this year that makes adding your personal touch to products even easier. Using this technology, Target enables you to “be the designer,” truly styling products without having to open up CAD. If you’re interested in using ShapeJS to customize products, try it out here.

Our goal has always been to make 3D printing more accessible and affordable, and we’re thrilled to partner with Target to make this possible for more people this holiday season.


3D Printed Mustaches to Maximize Your Movember

Movember (moustache + November) is upon us, which means that men across the globe will be growing their ‘staches to raise awareness of men’s health issues. It’s an annual event run by to “change the face of men’s health.”

This Movember, you’re not limited to hair follicles to grow show your support. Here’s a roundup of 3D prints to keep the Movember spirit going throughout the month.

Disegnouno’s Mug & Glass Accessory Collection

Mug & glass accessories Mustache 5

Mustache Ring by Cute N Comfy

Mustache Ring Size 7 by CuteNComfy

Mo-Beer by moflo

Mo Beer by moflo

Mustache Cufflinks by GothamSmith

Mustache Cufflinks by GothamSmith

Keychain Mustache by I Was Never Cool

Keychain Mustache by I Was Never Cool

Mustache Shaped Outlet Cover

Mustache shaped outlet cover by Walltosh

Mustache Pendant Necklace Slide

Mustache Pendant Necklace Slide


Conversation with Jodi Slater on Her New Collection of 3D Printed Accessories for Fitbit and Jawbone

3D printed jewelry for Fitbit and Jawbone

Bytten accessories for Jawbone and Fitbit. Photo Credit: Carly Gaebe – Steadfast Studios

Jodi Slater is no tech novice. She started her career as a programmer, including some work  on the original Tron, helped design the user interface for the first wireless Palm Pilot, and has since advised countless companies on user experience and new media.

The very talented Slater is now turning her attention to her fitness tracker, an accessory that she feels could use a facelift. Her new adventure, Bytten, sits at the intersection of fashion and technology and includes a line of beautiful 3D printed accessories for Jawbone & Fitbit. After reading this Q&A, we advise you to #getbytten.

What is the inspiration for Bytten?

Bytten was born out of a personal need – my Fitbit was not making the cut when I tried to style it with my other jewelry. I wanted to be able to wear it all the time, not just when I was working out. I had been tracking the wearable tech fashion ‘phenom’ and was and still am very excited about all the innovation that is percolating in that space. I decided to develop a line of accessories for existing fitness trackers as a way to solve an immediate need and to start building a brand. The Lucas Slide is our first collection for Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP. It is available in Brass, Silver, Gold, and 9 colors of Strong & Flexible Plastic (thank you Shapeways!).

3D printed jewelry for Fitbit and Jawbone

Bytten accessory for Jawbone. Photo Credit: Carly Gaebe – Steadfast Studios

Who’s behind the beautiful products?

Lucas Goossens is the designer behind our first collection. He is incredibly creative, a beautiful person – inside and out, and I am so grateful that Carine [Carmy from Shapeways] introduced me to him! The design incorporates elements from Lucas’ pixel style and includes his signature plus sign ‘+’ to represent positivity. We hope you love it as much as we do.

3D printed jewelry for Fitbit and Jawbone

Bytten accessory for Fitbit, worn by Lucas Goossens. Photo Credit: Carly Gaebe – Steadfast Studios

What’s your background? How did you get into product design?

I have always been into technology and art / design. I feel lucky to have found a career that I am passionate about and have been involved in from the start (and I mean *start* – you have no idea – there were punchcards in my life). I started out as a programmer in the computer animation and graphics field during the first release of the movie Tron, ahem. It has all evolved from there. Oh, and my color software was at the Guggenheim as part of a Josef Albers retrospective. #proudmoment

What’s your most coveted fashion accessory for fall?

I have been obsessed with gold temporary tattoos this summer… and although I am having a hard time moving onto fall, there are three things I am excited about – GREEN #favoritecolor. Boys shoes for girls, and chic leather backpacks.

What’s next for Bytten?

Let me say that there is no shortage of ideas swirling around at Bytten. We are working on an exciting new collection with Jaclyn Mayer of OGJM, Lucas is working on a Matisse inspired design, and we are working on some oft-requested customization (which after all is what 3D printing is really good at – bespoke production) and there will definitely be some smart jewelry in our future.

3D printed jewelry for Fitbit and Jawbone

Bytten accessory for Jawbone. Photo Credit: Carly Gaebe – Steadfast Studios


Looking for other 3D printed fashion? Check out some of our favorite custom rings, necklaces and bracelets… Or create your own!


Shaping the Future of How We Buy: Introducing Beta & First to Try Products

People are demanding more from the products that they spend their hard earned money on. More and more, they are seeking out products created by people they know and trust, made in the cities and towns they call home. In research we did earlier this year, we found that nearly 50% of Americans know someone who is making and selling their own products. From the friend who quit her day job to create beautiful jewelry to someone who wants to make a better bike helmet, there’s no shortage of innovative products being created by independent designers around the world. In large part, they are enabled by the power of the Internet, which has made it even easier for people to sell their own products over the past 20 years.

Product design is also becoming more collaborative. Entrepreneurs are working with their friends and customers to get the support they need throughout the product development process.

Today, we’re excited to officially announce two big additions to Shapeways that we hope will make it easier (and more fun!) for people to create their own products by inviting friends and fans into the creative process.

Now on Shapeways, you’ll see a two new kinds of products: Beta & First to Try.

What’s Beta?

One of the most critical steps in designing a great product is iteration: tweaking a product to perfection by testing and refining the design. You can be a part of the creative process by giving designers feedback when their products are in Beta. Share your thoughts on the design, the aesthetics, the fit, or anything else you think will help make the product even better. There are already over 500 products in Beta on Shapeways — check them out and start collaborating!

Beta products on Shapeways

What’s First to Try?

If you’re the kind of person who can’t wait to get your hands on the latest gadgets, or if you wait in line for movies on opening night, read on.

In the past, you’d have to wait until a product has gone through months or years of development to try it out. With 3D printing, there’s no need to wait. Help bring a product to life by buying it in “First to Try.” These products are in earlier stages of development, so sometimes there are some kinks (no matter how beautiful the render, the laws of physics still exist. In those cases, not to worry, the refund is on us!). Most of the time, though, they’ve been 3D printed in a few of our materials and it’s your chance to try them out in others. Platinum, anyone?

Here at Shapeways, we’re trying to shake up how products are made and by whom. We have makers and designers from all over the world in our community, some of whom are making their first product and others who have been professional product designers for their whole lives. They’re creating everything from jewelry to rocket ships, GoPro accessories to chess sets. It’s your turn to join them.

Note for all the designers and creators out there!

In the short term, here are a few things you can do to take advantage of these new features:

1. Create Your New Material Renders
For all of the materials that you are offering for sale, you can now create realistic renders of each material. You can pose & generate renders for all of your products, regardless of if they have been printed before. Learn more.

2. Tag Materials in Your Photos
If you have photos for each material you are offering for sale, you can tag them so they show up when shoppers select a material on your product page. Learn more.

3. Explore First to Try & Beta
You can learn more about how you can use these new tools to bring your products to market using 3D printing.

We also shared these features with our community a few weeks ago and got some great feedback, some of which is already implemented in this latest iteration. But it’s not too late to join the discussion! We’re in Beta too :) Sign up for future usability testing here.


New Faster & Cheaper Shipping Option for US Customers: Introducing USPS First-Class Shipping at $4.99

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Our goal at Shapeways is to make 3D printing more accessible and affordable. So we’re excited to share that starting today, customers in the US can now have products delivered by United States Postal Service First-Class for a flat rate of $4.99, with expected transit time of 1-3 business days.

This is a faster, cheaper option that will hopefully make 3D printing even more affordable, whether you’re prototyping or getting a gift for a loved one. USPS also offers some unique benefits, including delivery to PO Boxes or to properties where entrance by private carriers is limited or prohibited. You’ll be able to track your package and gleefully watch as it leaves our NYC factory and make its way to your front door.

From our factory to your door. Image: Shapeways 

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Conversation with Designer and Artist HEIDILEE on Her Radical Approach to Making Hats Using 3D Printing

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3D printed hats are no longer a future fantasy. Designer and Artist H E I D I L E E uses Shapeways 3D printing to create fashion and hats inspired by contemporary, avant-garde classical music. She spoke with us about her fascinating process that fuses a MacGyver approach and no boundaries mindset. Her work is so cutting edge that she’s featured in the upcoming NYC Makers: MAD Biennial exhibition here in NYC. Read on!

H E I D I L E E Cocktail Parasol Hat photo: Bryan Davis

How did you discover your passion for making hats?

I was challenged to create fashion inspired by contemporary, avant-garde classical music. I never intended to sell my pieces, but people began to notice my work and it grew from there, and over a span of time it has developed into a remarkable line.

What is your day-to-day work life like?

It varies from day to day, and depends on which pieces I’m focusing on to make. Each hat has a completely different workflow and process than the other, so I enjoy the variety of solutions each needs to enfold into being. I try to take a MacGyver-like approach to making my hats.

Where did you learn how to design and develop your incredible creations?

I apprenticed under milliner Victor Osborne. He recently moved to France to continue making haute-couture hats for runway shows such as Thom Browne (Recipient of the 2013 CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year Award and 2012 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Fashion) and Dior for Paris Fashion Week. My uncle also instructed me, having worked in the American millinery industry for over 30 years, producing hats for designers, whose lines are carried at Barneys New York and Saks 5th Avenue. They inspired me to forge my own path in making hats that are sensible, yet innovative in headwear.

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Save 15 Percent on 3D Printing Your Own Designs in Strong & Flexible Plastics During May Maker Days

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AMAZING. Mind-blowing. POWER TRIP. Like a dream. Liberating. Those are just some of the words people use to describe their experience creating with Shapeways.

This May, put all your excuses aside and join us for May Maker Days! Test out the crazy idea you’ve been tinkering with or design something brand new.

To help get you started, we’re offering 15% savings on all Strong and Flexible plastics! Through Monday May 12th, take 15% off your own designs in any Strong & Flexible material: White, White Polished, Black, Coral Red Polished, Violet Purple Polished, Hot Pink Polished, and Royal Blue Polished. Enter the code “u4gsq” at checkout.

May Maker Days - 15% off your own designs

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Calling all innovators: Be a part of the first museum-led incubator at the New Museum in NYC

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We are excited to share a unique opportunity for creatives in the arts, technology and design space — a.k.a., YOU. 

This summer, NEW INC, is hosting the first museum-led incubator hosted by the New Museum in New York. The shared space will be a place for anyone working in art, technology, or design to come together to support each other, innovate, and develop their crafts. It’s a great place to take your design and 3D printing abilities to the next level, for your art or your business. 

Just 100 members are going to be selected to participate in this lab-like interdisciplinary community to investigate ideas and develop a sustainable practice.

What happens if you’re chosen? You’ll get access to full- and part-time coworking desk space, shared resources, events, and professional development programs over a 12-month period. Not to mention access to mentors and advisors who make up the New Museum’s staff and affiliates.

Because this is being hosted at the New Museum, you’ll be working alongside Museum artists-in-residence, programs, and affiliates like IDEAS City and Rhizome, and Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) Studio-X. Not to mention, our headquarters is just around the corner!

For more info and to apply, check out the NEW INC site. The deadline is April 1, and applications will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis.


3D Print Your Next Masterpiece with Adobe Photoshop & Shapeways

Exciting news! Adobe Photoshop is making it even easier to create and modify designs for 3D printing, particularly in full color.

Adobe’s latest release of Photoshop Creative Cloud lets you create full-color 3D models right in Photoshop. You can design from scratch or refine an existing 3D model while using the Photoshop CC tools you’re already familiar with. Then upload your design to Shapeways and 3D print in over 40 materials

The brand new Photoshop Creative Cloud includes these powerful 3D printing features:

  • Use the standard Photoshop toolbox of brushes, gradients, filters, and bump maps to add color and texture to your existing 3D model then export to 3D print with Shapeways. It has never been easier to add color and effects to 3D models.
  • Create new 3D models from 2D images using extrude, twist and pinch tools while adding texture with bump maps to create truly unique 3D models ready to 3D print.
  • Automated mesh repair and wall thickness repair to ensure your designs are ready to 3D print in all of the materials on Shapeways. Simply insert your 3D file as a 3D layer on Photoshop then choose the Shapeways material in the “3D Print Settings” dialogue box along with the detail and scale, then select “3D Print” and Photoshop will voxelize and repair your file, prepare the print for upload and estimate the cost in your material of choice.

This latest release of Photoshop puts incredibly powerful 3D tools into the hands of everybody running the software. It lowers the barrier of entry and increases the reliability of your designs being ready to 3D print with Shapeways. We’re super excited to see what people create! Adobe is also offering a free one-month trial so you can test the tools for yourself. 


Contest: Your Photoshop 3D design at NYC’s 3D Printshow 2014

Adobe and Shapeways will be showcasing the Photoshop Creative Cloud at the New York 3D Printshow, February 12 to 15 and we would love for you to join us.

There are two opportunities to get your work displayed with Shapeways and Adobe at the show: one, create the ultimate 3D printed art to be shown at the Art Gallery at the 3D Printshow. If you’re newer to 3D modeling, we also have a simple 3D Coloring Contest for anyone to color ShapeMan by our friend Steve Talkowski of SketchBot fame.

Shapeman Shapeways Blog

It’s easy to enter, whether you know how to 3D model or you just want to give it a shot.

Ultimate Design Award: Know how to 3D model? Upload your design to Shapeways with the tag #3DPS. We’re looking for an incredible design that leverages the best of 3D printing. Here’s your chance to create the iconic 3D Print of 2014, something that can’t be made any other way.

3D Coloring Award: New to 3D modeling? One of the coolest features of Photoshop CC is the ability to import an existing STL file and “color it in” using the features. Steve from SketchBot has designed this awesome ShapeMan for you to download and color in under a Creative Commons license.

What do you think he should look like? Use the 30-day free trial to show us.

Head to Steve’s shop and download one of the five ShapeMan designs to show off your skills. Upload the file to Photoshop, color it in, then upload to Shapeways and enter the contest with the tag #3DPS.

*For each contest, one winner will be selected and win a one-year subscription to Creative Cloud from Adobe AND a 3D print of their design. Your entry will also be 3D printed and displayed at the 3D Printshow in NYC for the world to see. The Ultimate Design winner will be displayed at the very prestigious Art Gallery of the Printshow.

Deadline for both contests is 11:59pm EST on February 2, 2014. Show us what you’ve got.

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2013 Shapeways 3D Printing Year in Review

Each year at Shapeways, we like to do a roundup of amazing accomplishments in the rapidly evolving 3D Printing world, often powered by your innovations and creativity. We’ve been digging in and must admit, 2013 was quite the year!

To date, we’ve 3D Printed 2.2 million products — that’s 61,000 boxes worth of Tic Tacs! We are so proud to have 13,500 Shapeways shops…and counting (a growth of 75% from 2012). And the number of people creating products on Shapeways has doubled in the past year.

Shapeways 2013 3D Printing Year in Review in Numbers

The 3D printing industry as a whole has also experienced incredible growth. We’re seeing more retailers, like our friends at UPS, offer in-store 3D printing. The price of 3D printers for the home and office continues to drop. And 3D printing is constantly making stock market headlines.

Basically, this incredible technology is shaping industries far and wide—from healthcare and electronics to aerospace and home construction. And we’ll continue to see this impact in the coming years.

We couldn’t make such strides without wildly imaginative, creative, thoughtful, and fearless people like you, our community, who continue to upload nearly 100,000 new products per month. You help us push the limits of what’s possible to 3D Print, creating products from gorgeous to quirky to functional, and continue to wow us with how you use new materials.

It’s a beautiful world when anyone can create and get what they want, not just what’s available in stores.

Check out our Slideshare for 3D printing trends, stats & more of our exciting year in review.


Introducing 3D Printed Men’s Accessories from Nick Graham, Founder of Joe Boxer

If you are holiday gift-hunting for the stylish guy in your life, look no further than the brand-new collection of 3D printed accessories from Nick Graham, founder of Joe Boxer, with whom we partnered to bring fashion and 3D printing together in a whole new way.

Mad for Dots Bracelet by Nick Graham, 3D Printed by Shapeways

Mad for Dots Bracelet by Nick Graham, 3D Printed by Shapeways 

Nick collaborated with Shapeways community member Kostika Spaho to create a collection of edgy, customizable men’s accessories including cuff links, belt buckles and bracelets – all created on demand in a variety of 3D printed metals such as polished nickel steel, polished gold steel and matte black steel. The pieces range in price from $65 – $275 and are available on and through his Shapeways shop.

Nick is passionate about technology and was one of the first designers to embrace digital innovation (he wove the Joe Boxer URL into the brand’s underwear in 1992!), so we’re thrilled to work with him to make 3D printing accessible to new, style-savvy audiences.

“3D printing is one of the most transformational technologies that is significantly advancing the design and fashion industries, and the opportunities are endless,” he says. We couldn’t agree more!

Check out Nick’s pieces here, and more gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything.

Because He Can Belt Buckle by Nick Graham, 3D Printed by Shapeways

Because He Can Belt Buckle by Nick Graham, 3D Printed by Shapeways 

Twisted Brit Cufflinks by Nick Graham, 3D Printed by Shapeways

Twisted Brit Cufflinks by Nick Graham, 3D Printed by Shapeways 


Shapeways Cyber Monday – Get a Bonus for Ordering 3D Prints Today!

To celebrate Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, here’s another great reason to order 3D prints from Shapeways:

$10 in Store Credit for all customers who order on Cyber Monday! (12:00am PST December 2nd through Midnight PST on December 2nd)

PLUS, we’re still offering savings of up to $50 off your order. But remember, to take advantage of either these Cyber Monday deals, you have to order by Midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

Shop the world’s largest 3D printed marketplace to pick up a unique 3D printed gift today, then use your Shapeways Credit towards something for yourself!

Shop Cyber Monday Deals at Shapeways

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Video: Happy Halloween from Shapeways, to All Beloved Zombies, Witches, Vampires and Other Creatures of the Night

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Shapeways halloween and 3D Printed madness

Dear Shapies,

For a long time now, we’ve been keeping a horrible secret from our community. We’ve tried very hard to give the impression that our team is made of fun-loving humans who would drop everything at any hour of the day to help make your ideas real. However, the truth has a way of sneaking up on you, and it’s time that you hear the truth…

We regret to inform you that we are actually, not human. Our Customer Service team was attacked by zombies, witches and vampires last Halloween, and have since attacked the entire Eindhoven office. You have to see it to believe it:

Trust that this will not change our commitment to you, and we hope that this does change your impression of us. Perhaps just bring some garlic and stakes to the next Meetup, just in case…

Wishing you all a happy, and safe, Halloween.