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Designer Spotlight: Kasia Wisniewski

Our designer spotlight this week is highlighting the very talented Kasia Wisniewski, designer behind Collected Edition. Her shop has some incredible designs ranging from jewelry and hair pieces to men’s accessories. The stand-out pieces capture specific moments in nature, rather than perfect interpretations. Different materials allow for different looks, but Kasia has clearly figured them out. Learn more about her inspiration and process below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?
I’m an apparel and accessories designer based in Brooklyn. After attending Pratt Institute and receiving a BFA in fashion design, I worked in luxury womenswear for Vera Wang, J. Mendel, and others for several years. I’m now focused on building the jewelry and accessories divisions of my brand, Collected Edition.


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Announcing the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

We are thrilled to announce the Shapeways 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. From Stylish Finds to Miniatures Madness, we’ve got all the important people in your life covered. Browse our popular categories like Women’s Jewelry, Memes & Figurines and Conversation Starters but make sure to browse it all to find amazing gifts for everyone. Don’t forget we’re offering FREE SHIPPING now through November 8th so make sure to take advantage!


If you’re looking to make this season even more special, consider making your loved ones a 3D printed gift this year. Whether you’ve been designing for years or not, we’ve got you covered. You can do everything from easily adding your friend’s name to a new phone case to designing a beautiful pendant for your mom in just a couple of steps.

Use CustomMaker to add text and images to products already in our marketplace. Personalize phone cases, rings and more to make these already-unique items truly one-of-a-kind.


Our Pendant Creator allows you to make a beautiful piece of jewelry in just a few minutes. Follow the steps to create a pendant that is perfect for your loved one.


Pendants not your thing? Use Keychain Creator to make anybody a keychain that will fit their personality perfectly.

2D to 3D will let you turn anything from your own simple sketch to a design you’ve always loved into a 3D printed product.


What’s on your list this year? Let us know in the comments!

Designer Spotlight: Harry Burger

We’re kicking off this holiday season with a lovely (festive) designer, Harry Burger of Lightbringer Designs. Harry runs a very unique shop specializing in wax seals. He also designs signet rings, offers cufflinks, and more. It’s a unique, old art being brought to the 21st century through modern technology and we think it’s really working!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?
I’m a mechanical engineer focused on product design from Long Island, NY.


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Designer Spotlight: An Update on Joaquin Baldwin

This week, we caught up with long-time Shapeways community member, Joaquin Baldwin. We’ve featured Joaquin before, but wanted to highlight the amazing work he did with our newest Porcelain material. With two amazing collections specifically designed for Porcelain, Joaquin really embraces the beauty of the material by designing for glazes, and we wanted to hear about his inspiration and process.


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Designer Spotlight: Geman Wu

This weeks designer spotlight features Geman Wu, the brains behind Alminty3D. This shop is colorful, fun and fresh – and you can tell architecture is the main influence! With fun jewelry and miniatures (and amazing photography) this shop is a delight to browse.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?
I was from China and I graduated from building science program in USC. I was a lighting designer last year but now I am an amateur programmer and the founder of Alminty3D Studio. Our home studio is based in Los Angeles.


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Hero Forge: Where Are They Now?

We are amazed with all the products that continue to come from designers’ imaginations and out of the printers. While 3D modeling takes some skill, we’ve seen a number of people take that mastery to the next level by creating apps that make 3D printing truly available to everyone. One of our favorite (and successful) examples we’ve seen is Hero Forge, a web-based app that lets you customize tabletop miniatures and statuettes.


Photo courtesy of Gnome Stew

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Designer Spotlight: Stef de Vos

This week we’re thrilled to highlight, Stef de Vos, the mind behind Ittyblox! Stef makes amazing sandstone recreations of famous buildings, along with a few buildings he simply makes up, allowing for customers to also create a world of their own. Before you know it, you can have an entire mini city on your desk!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?
My name is Stef de Vos and I am based in the Netherlands. I have studied Architecture, Building and Planning at the Eindhoven University of Technology, so I am quite close to where it all began for Shapeways!



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Designer Spotlight: James Knight

This week we’re thrilled to feature James Knight, of Knight Customs. James has a unique shop for a niche community; specializing in scale R/C custom parts including scale parts, driver figures, and body sets.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?
I am originally from the UK but I have been living in LA for the last 12 yrs. I have been working in the toy industry for the last 15 yrs and have been fortunate to work at a number of great companies, LEGO, Mattel & Spin Master. I am currently the Chief Creative Officer at Day6 Sports, a new start up bringing back the beloved Backyard Sports video game property to both Mobile gaming and traditional sporting goods toys. I am basically a kid who never grew up and was lucky enough to find a way to earn a living playing with and creating toys.

Hyndman 20142-6626

Photo courtesy RC Car Action Magazine

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Designer Spotlight: Megan Grace

This week we are thrilled to highlight the shop Grace & Robot. We heard from designer Megan Grace, originally from the UK but calls Barcelona home now. Megan thinks of each piece of jewelry as a miniature sculpture, which you can tell in her shop full of beautiful, colorful jewelry that is both visually appealing yet simple at the same time.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?
I’m Megan Grace – half of the human-machine collaboration behind my new brand of 3D printed jewellery called Grace & Robot. I studied Product Design at university, but in my profession so far I’ve worked with design in a much broader sense – from creating objects for manufacture to working in design thinking and business innovation, where the “design” is much more about creative problem-solving. I’ve lived in Barcelona long enough to call it home, but I’m originally from the UK.


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Designer Spotlight: Robert Krawczyk

This week, in honor of the Back to School season, we are highlighting one of many professor/designer talents, Robert Krawczyk. Robert lives in Chicago and is deeply immersed in the digital art world, as a professor in the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology, as well as founding Gallary Director for art at ITT. His shop began as an exploration of a mobius ribbon which translated beautifully as bangles, and has a few other fun designs to check out!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?
I am a lifelong resident of Chicago. My family immigrated for Poland shortly after World War II, my father worked as a metal spinner, an incredible craftsman. I was the first college graduate in my family, graduating from the University of Illinois Chicago, College of Architecture. In the 1970’s I pioneered digital graphic applications in the architectural office of Murphy/Jahn in Chicago for eight years under design partners Gene Summers and Helmut Jahn. After leaving Murphy/Jahn I started a computer consulting firm and began teaching digital design applications.


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Designer Spotlight: Sylvain Georget

This week we are highlighting Sylvain Georget, a French designer residing in Amsterdam who turns his illustrations into 3D printed products to share with the world!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?
My name is Sylvain Georget and I am a French designer based in Amsterdam. I graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie following which I started working as a freelance product designer and illustrator.

bio2013 copy

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Designer Spotlight: Narada Dan Vantari

This week we are highlighting Narada Dan Vantari, the designer behind shop Sacred Geometry Web. Narada first learned sterographic 3D as a teenager and has been hooked on mathematical art ever since. As an artist, website creator, musician, chess champion and more, Narada wants to turn the world on to the ancient knowledge of sacred geometry with the “futuristic” technology of 3D printing!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?
I am an artist, website maker, musician, ex-Australian-Junior-Chess-Champion, on a mission to turn the world on to the ancient knowledge known these days as ‘sacred geometry’. I believe that geometry is a key to good science, a secret of great art, and a light on the mystical path. I specialize in original projections of higher dimensional geometries such as the these ones available in my shop: the Toroidal Hypercube, the 5 Dimensional Cube, and the 4 Dimensional Vector Equilibrium. I am based in Byron Bay Australia, a center of alternative society and creativity.


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3D printing custom trachea stents

Shapeways offers the chance for designers of all kinds to turn their ideas into reality – be that in the world of tech accessories, fashion innovation, art and design, and in this case, the medical world.

A group of clinicians, architects and engineers teamed together to create 3D printed traechea stents unique to the patient. We spoke with Noah Garcia who is working with Harvard doctors and MIT material specialists to spearhead this new world for airway stents. Starting off with CT scans, the engineers initially started with Formlab printers, but the lack of biocompatible material lead them to Shapeways. While we do not offer 3D printed biocompatible material, our castable wax offering allows the team to create molds that can be used for casting the necessary biocompatible materials. It’s really amazing to see this process – from the files to prototypes to a final wax version, it’s truly amazing to see how innovative this team is. The team has even offered a bronze “pendant” for fun!


How long have you (and/or members of your team) been in the medical field?
Most of our team has spent the majority of their academic and professional careers in the medical field, while other members of our team have had no medical experience at all. The process of creating custom stents required building a unique collaboration between clinicians, architects and engineers. Our clinical team knows a great deal about biology, physiology, and medical pathology, but little about 3D fabrication/computation, while our architects and engineers know a great deal about 3D fabrication, but little about biology. The crossbreeding of the medical and artistic professions is what has made this project possible. Our team includes George Cheng MD PhD, Erik Folch MD, Sebastian Ochoa MD, Mark Tibbitt PhD, Adam Wilson MS, Noah Garcia BArch, Robert Brik MS, Sidhu Gangadharan MD, and Adnan Majid MD. Dr. George Cheng is a clinician specializing in pulmonary medicine and has been leading this project.

How did you involve 3D printing in your practices? When did that begin?
Dr. Cheng first became interested in the possibilities of 3D printing after reading a 2013 article in the New England Journal of Medicine that detailed how researchers implanted a 3D printed tracheal splint into a pediatric patient with a collapsed airway. He believed that data from a CT scan of the chest could guide the production of airway stents or other airway prostheses. The research efforts were supported by Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology. The origin of the project was further documented in a Boston Globe article last year. Dr. Cheng recognized an opportunity to employ 3D printing technology as means to customize the trachea stents. Traditional stents are rudimentary extrusions, which do not fully represent the specific shape of a person’s airway. Airway obstruction from stenosis, malacia, or extrinsic compression can result in significant respiratory symptoms and decrease in patient’s quality of life. In recognizing that traditional stents may lead to significant complications, Dr.Cheng hypothesized ways to customize and optimize the forms. Traditional airway stents are made of silicone, metal, or hybrid materials, and are limited by their cost and complications. Common complications such as migration and granulation tissue formation may be related to inaccurate stent size and shape. Dr. Cheng and his team developed a workflow using CT scanners to extract 3D models of a patient’s trachea to guide the design of custom stent matched to the individual’s airway. The resulting 3D prints are anatomically accurate seamless surfaces, diagonal grids and circumscribed double ­helixes that follow the contours of a patient’s airway.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.47.07 AM

From top left to bottom right, beginning with the CT scan model and ending with 3D prints. The CT scan is manipulated with Rhino and parametric modeling plug-ins. The inner surfaces of the trachea are isolated, a diagonal grid is mapped to the surface and the resulting diagrid is exported as a printable file.

Did you know how to 3D model prior to this project?
The engineers, architects and artists on our team are primarily experienced in digital computation for architectural and sculptural design. The clinicians, on the other hand, are experienced with producing 3D models from CT scanners. By bringing together these two worlds of art and science, we are able to achieve significant 3D modeling possibilities. There were scale and tolerance challenges to address when translating from digital models to 3D prints with certain materials, but we are continually making discoveries during the process. Our current challenge is to use the 3D printed forms to create molds and armatures that can support biocompatible materials. Shapeways’ castable wax material has us hopeful of achieving our goal. We’d hope to one day print in our biocompatible materials directly, but until then, we are limited by the available 3D printable materials. Our ideas are ahead of us in many ways, but we are excited to be learning and exploring the unknown.

Why tracheas? Will you experiment with more areas of the body?
The clinicians on our team specialize in pulmonary care and sub­specializes in the field of interventional pulmonology. One of the major disease entity they encounter is large central airway disease. Trachea stents can be deployed into and removed from an airway through minimal­ invasive procedures in a relatively short amount of time. As compared to a heart stent, which is much smaller and more dynamic, a tracheal stent has fewer variables with easier methods to control. Using the tracheal stent as a starting point, we are considering how our process might be applied to other areas of the body. For now, we are aiming to perfect the trachea stent and then explore how our methods can impact other parts of the body.

It’s fascinating to see and learn more about how 3D printing and the medical world are combining forces. Thank you for such a wonderful interview, Noah! Check out the pendant below, and let us know if you have a medical story to share with us in the comments below or by emailing community @


Designer Spotlight: Simon Lang

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This week we are featuring Simon Lang, a chemistry enthusiast (to say the least) who has taken his life work and applied it to everyday life. Using molecules for merchandise, Simon has a shop full of beautiful science – find your favorite molecule and wear it around your neck, on a keychain, or simply hold it in your hand!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? Where are you located?
My name is Simon Lang and I live near Basel in Switzerland. I studied chemistry at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). My thesis “Immunosuppressive Drugs and their Interaction with the Efflux Transporter P-Glycoprotein” won the Dr. Max Lüthi Award in 2009. After some travels I went to the University of Basel to obtain my PHD, but during the first four to five weeks I stopped and turned my attention to things more inspiring. That way I learned to build websites, design stuff and produce music. One of the results was the moleculestore: t-shirts and hoodies for chemists. Over the years I expanded the product line with bags, mugs, wall clocks, shower curtains and last but not least 3D printed molecule keychains and jewelry produced by Shapeways.


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