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Shapeways attends Eindhoven Makerdays 2014

Shapeways talks 3D Printing in London

Making Bank: Shapeways Partners With The United States Mint

California here Shapeways comes!

Designer Spotlight: Susan Taing

A Sign Of The 3D Printed Times: Shapeways New York Times Feature

Pushing the Boundaries of Design & Manufacturing in 3D Printing

What the Oculus Rift Acquisition by Facebook means for 3D Printing

Hello from Shapeways Community Outreach Coordinator

3D Printed Greetings from Galway

Designer Spotlight: Idoya Lahortiga and Luk Cox

Eindhoven Maker Days featuring Shapeways

HackBCA: High school hackathon in NJ this weekend

Calling all innovators: Be a part of the first museum-led incubator at the New Museum in NYC

The Courageous Face of 3D printing

The Shapeways Blog: 3D Printing News & Innovation

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