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You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up.
#1 MrAras on 2011-07-05 12:16 (Reply)
Awww, thanks..
#1.1 duann scott on 2011-07-05 12:18 (Reply)
Likewise, you guys are great!
As for the FD/FUD pricing thing... well, we had it good during the trial period and now we've got reality, Shapeways have to make money too :-)

Just don't spill too much awesome sauce ;-)
#2 Paul King (Homepage) on 2011-07-05 16:38 (Reply)
I wonder what will happen to the glazed ceramics price once the trial is over?

It does seem overly cheap to me and it also means I have to make 2 of everything - volume minimized and surface area minimized!
#3 MrAras on 2011-07-05 22:46 (Reply)
Agree with you there, although not EVERY piece gets modelled twice. I do like the price but I would like to see more photo's of current models being made since there is a thread in the "It Arrived" forum that concerns me over the quality now; it looks nowhere as nice as the "promo" shots I've seen here... I'll find out for myself once my own model arrives (ordered 1st June!)
#3.1 Glenn Slingsby on 2011-07-06 13:53 (Reply)

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