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Use the Kinect to 3D Print "a stringy blob of plastic vomit"


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That's okay because my dog would be waiting for him wearing those fancy 3D printed sabre-tooth tiger fangs!!
#1 Glenn Slingsby on 2011-06-02 17:08 (Reply)
Watched the 'gestural/Kinect//3D print/reprap video and the realtime print out of the gestures was fastinating as a process. As with these new ways of interacting and the first go with them, outcomes can be incredibly ugly. At least the video did start me thinking. Using Kinect and not being grounded, your propriosense has to be pretty acute like Swedish design firm FRONT have ( Maybe 'snap' in some form (a 'dog with 3D printed sabre-tooth tiger fangs' perhaps) should be added to gesture capture software and, as 3D printing is a 2D layering process, a transparent non reflective surface used to draw on. If it is the outcome that is more important best use a 3D forcefeedback sketch/modelling package like Cloud9 which supports movement, enables you to feel where you are in 3D space and is not prescriptive like CAD. And lots of fun to use.
#2 Ann Marie Shillito (Homepage) on 2011-06-03 13:41 (Reply)

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