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New Stainless Steel Design Rules


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Hi Nancy;

There's an extra "blog/" included in the Basic Design Rules link to the stainless steel page; it's returning a 404 error.

This is a great start; the next step is to come up with some actual values for the maximum distances walls less than 3mm can extend from a 3mm wall. For example (from the 'stainless-steel-under-3mm' design rule page:

"Thin bars under 1.5-3 mm are printable if it extends only a little before encountering thicker walls for support."

How long is 'only a little'? We've been working on determining values for White, Strong and Flexible in the Forum under Support/3D Printing - see the 'Thin Walls' thread at the top of the page:

Can designers working in stainless steel give us some similar numbers to follow?
#1 GWMT on 2011-03-09 01:39 (Reply)
Thanks Nancy, that helps a bunch! I tend to have a lot of small things with thin walls within a design that supports the material, and most of the time they turn out very nicely.

Do you know if shipping time within the US for stainless has decreased somewhat since HQ is now here? I am sending a bunch of orders in today and hoping to get them in time for a convention on the 25th.
#2 Christina Westbrook (Homepage) on 2011-03-09 01:55 (Reply)

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