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Shapeways Gift Coupon: Prepaid 3D Printing


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raises hand

Honestly, a discount on the higher tier cards would rock, like maybe if you got a 100$ coupon/card then it only costs you 90$. I don't know how the price points of the materials allow for this kind of discount, so maybe it's uneconomical, but a loss leader is still a leader in my opinion.

Then again, I could just be trying to get more 3D printed stuff ;-)
#1 CoreyC on 2010-12-10 03:55 (Reply)
Hi Corey,

In that case couldn't everyone just order these vouchers and use them for all their prints?

or, you could use the voucher to buy a voucher to buy a voucher to buy a voucher etc..
#1.1 dan on 2010-12-10 04:08 (Reply)
Ooooo.... never thought of that....
But if you're still getting the money no matter what wouldn't it still work?
So if a person sends in 90$ to get a 100$ voucher, you have 90$, and they have '100'$.
Now if they buy another voucher, with a voucher, you have 180$, and they have '100'-'90+'100'$, or '110'$. It definitely would not be in their interest to buy a voucher with a voucher!
#2 CoreyC on 2010-12-13 23:49 (Reply)
Oh snap! Ignore my horrible math fail, after they buy a voucher with a voucher, then you're left with 90$ and they have '110', because you gave them that money. I feel somewhat shamed at the moment. Perhaps just prevent vouchers being used to buy vouchers, or even better enforce that they be used for printing only?

I don't know ;-) I just lurves discounts!
#2.1 CoreyC on 2010-12-13 23:52 (Reply)
Gift certificates are a great idea! I'd recommend losing the expiration date, though.
#3 ToddM on 2010-12-21 15:34 (Reply)
The gift certificate option is really terrific. However, while I understand the appeal of giving people a physical gift (the certificate), shouldn't there be an "electronic only" option? I'd be happy just forwarding an email with a nice "gift certificate" graphic on it, and skipping the paper altogether.

I just ordered a couple of gift certificates and figured that I'd get the electronic version with my order acknowledgment ("the buyer will also receive a digital version should they wish to send the gift online themselves"), but that hasn't shown up so perhaps it's not all automatic. Please help us last-minute gift people! :-)
#4 mouserancher on 2011-02-19 20:19 (Reply)

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