Art, Sculpture & Desktop Gifts

With only a few more days of shopping on Shapeways
to ensure you get your orders in time for the holidays, it may be time
to take a quick look at what you can get colleagues, co-workers or
classmates with a selection of art, sculpture and desktop gifts from the Shapeways shops.


Make your own 3D halftone picture from a grid of dots, all you need is a picture.

Voronoi cushion

Decorating the Christmas tree


prayer mouse

Ultimate Desk Stand

Stick Figure Nativity

Union Jack Cube

cellular bowl 15 by 15 x 4

Whirlwindies (15 cm)

Coasters – iPhone Apps


  1. Dizingof

    Hey Duaan,

    The links referring to art,sculpture,desktop gifts etc give 404 page.

    Thanks for the iPhone Coasters link !


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