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3D Printed Structural Furniture Components


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nice project, thanks for sharing. Did the aluminum just press fit into the connectors w/ no issue of the tubes slipping outa their sockets? 0 tolerance between the hole size & tube size?

Also, I remember a nice 3d printed connector piece by Mikko Seppänen , one of FOC's talents- check out his arki project on his site

mixed materials create a nice final product, and we need to use extruded materials and/or sheet materials where it makes sense. I think on shapeways here we're prone to 3d printing details that would make more sense being laser-cut sheet material, or extruded tube...
#1 jeff (Homepage) on 2010-10-18 13:06 (Reply)
Hi Jeff,

The connectors were designed with zero tolerance/clearance for a nice snug fit, I designed them with small holes and a 3d printed plug that I was going to use, drilling into the aluminum to secure them together but it was not needed. They slid in nice and firm and held in place, even after multiple assemblies of the desk.

Mikko's connector on his chair is quite nice.

It is exciting (and a little bit harder) to have mixed materials, I am sure we will see more of this on Shapeways, both mixing 3D printed polymers and metals to make complex designs, as well as combining 'third party' objects like Michiel's pencil bowl.

There is so much potential and opportunity it is sometime hard to know where to start...
#1.1 Duann on 2010-10-18 13:25 (Reply)
where to start.... absolutely right, and michiel's pencil bowl is a great example!
#1.1.1 jeff bare on 2010-10-18 14:37 (Reply)
Great application!
#2 T. Shawn Johnson on 2010-10-18 15:08 (Reply)
I was waiting for somebody to do something like this - nice work man! Btw i think mikko didn't even realize how cool his connector is in sls - looks like he intended it to be wood, eventually...
#3 Michiel Cornelissen on 2010-10-19 08:26 (Reply)
Nice work! If people want to make their own Shapeways table, can they download the parts somewhere?
#4 Bart Veldhuizen on 2010-10-19 08:48 (Reply)

If you really would like to replicate the 100% table you can find all the parts here

Shoot me an email an I will send the cutting list for the aluminum along with where to find a cheap door :-)
#5 Duann on 2010-10-19 10:24 (Reply)

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