Wrap your iPad with 3D Printed Style

Jbare Design have come up with a winner with their latest iteration of the Canvas Wrap for the iPad.



With hints of classic Japanese wooden screens and the beautiful geometries of Islamic architecture Jeff has created a timeless design for the latest gadget.  Available to purchase in a nice variety of 3D printed materials or you can customize your own design..



The Canvas Wrap for the iPad seems to have a very nice, snug fit to the corners wit fins on the back in each corner lift the iPad off the surface you sit it on, giving you a wobble free base.




  1. duann scott

    Thanks Jeff.

    I just updated it to include the video, really impressive tight fit..

    1. jeff bare

      mention in popular science magazine? who what where? i hope that’s true, but i never heard about that.

  2. Studio Delta Wave

    Wrap your iPad with 3D Printed Styleこれは完成度高いですね。保護する箇所も最低限で、家で使う分には十分な気がします。shapewaysは3Dデータのシェアシステ…

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