1. Boing Boing

    Got a HP 540 inkjet lying around? Here’s an ingenious way to hack it into a crude but serviceable 3D printer. Inkjet Printer to 3D Printer Hack. Homemade 3D printer goop made from maltodextrin costs 1/50 of the … HOWTO Make a 3D printer out of Legos Graph compares price of inkjet ink to other liquids Printing circuits with inkjet printers HOWTO trick your printer into using ALL its ink…

  2. Shapeways Blog

    Not much information here other than with a 250mW laser, a kg of plastic powder and 50ml of thermo-gel, Replaser has managed to laser sinter some basic polymer forms in a kinda 2.5D printing (not quite 3D) that are really quite strong.  Check out the

  3. wizific

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