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How To Photograph Your Designs


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Thank you for presenting what can be a daunting task in a very simple and easy to understand manner.
#1 Christopher Cardinal on 2010-06-07 19:39 (Reply)
I once read about a hamper light box using the IKEA Skubb hamper ( It's pretty cheap and all you need in addtion to that are one or two lights, a white sheet of paper and one or two safety pins. Plus Skubb can be folded completely flat and stored away easily.
I bought one and did some product photography for my ebay sales and it looked great! So this might be a great idea for Shapeways products since they usually are not that large (SKUBB is not that huuuge).

#2 Erik (Homepage) on 2010-06-15 11:51 (Reply)
Thanks Erik,

That is a great idea, and when not a macro photo studio it could even hold your laundry.

#3 duann scott on 2010-06-15 13:08 (Reply)
Great shot!~~Things looks like clear and beautiful. I always can not give my design a good picture which is hoped to attract people as they see it. Thanks for your tips, I'll try and hope me achieve your level.
#4 Sony Bloggie (Homepage) on 2011-03-03 03:06 (Reply)

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