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The winner of the Draw it contest


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fun contest, thanks for running it shapeways! a great variety of entries and winners too.
so the top 5 get there models printed, so i get to sketch up my own design 1st right, cuz mine is a lil plan w/o something drawn on there. guess i should sketch it then upload?
#1 jeff bare on 2010-06-03 15:41 (Reply)
Holy ****! As I was scrolling slowly down I was thinking, "yep, that's good" with each model and then came to mine as the winner! Thanks a lot guys. I love this site (and not just because I won) and can say that it has opened up a whole new level of creativity for me. I paint traditionally as well as digitally, but haven't had a lot of success financially in those endevours... Piddling around on the computer has been an interest of mine since the Sinclair ZX81 (look it up!) but now with the ability to physically create ideas that have been floating around in my head I spend even more time in front of the monitor - but actually doing something worthwhile for a change.

#2 Glenn Slingsby (Homepage) on 2010-06-04 00:21 (Reply)

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