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Just FYI,
a boolean is not needed Joris ;-)

Just make the text,, put a box below it,, and make sure the text is just 1/10 of a mm inside the box (so the lowest edge must be 1/10 of mm in the upper edge of the box)

This way you don't have to mess with a boolean tool,,, boolean is know as a pain in the ass,, it likes destroying a mesh ;-)

Anyway,, whithout a boolean,, the stl file will work aswell ;-)
#1 Mitchell Jetten on 2010-05-24 12:14 (Reply)
but i do wanna say: great your doing this ;-) i think it helps a lot of people ;-)
#1.1 Mitchell Jetten on 2010-05-24 12:14 (Reply)
Thanks Mitchell,

Is the Boolean not needed because the STL knits anything that 0.1mm apart? Or is it Shapeways mesh medic that does that?

I did want to mention the subtractive Boolean as a way of hollowing out models, is this how you would hollow a model out, or is there another way you would recomend?


#1.1.1 duann scott on 2010-05-25 01:19 (Reply)

well it doesn't really weld it...

the thing that boolean does is making it 1 object,, so also 1volume.
without it counts as 2objects and 2volumes,, so if you the first block for about 3/4 inside the other block,, you get still the same volume as without overlapsing the other block (soo you pay for more then you get)
If you boolean those 2,, you get a volume wich is 1 1/4 (because you put the other 3/4 inside the other block)

Hope i did explain it a bitt well,, i'm not that good in explaining stuff!.


Best way to hollow a model out (IMO) is to use the "shell" modifier,,
try it: a box which is:

10*10*10 mm,, gives us a volume of 1cm3

now give the same box a shell modifier,, set the "outer amout" to 0,, and the "inner amout" to 1mm.

Now the object is hollow and has a wall thickness of 1mm.

The volume now is just 0.31cm3

You get it? :$ hope i explained it good enough to understand
#2 Mitchell Jetten on 2010-05-25 08:02 (Reply)
just curious, will using the student version cause issues with getting the model 3D printed? i'm asking because though it is free and has the full abilities of a ful version it does say on their website that there is a print banner.
#3 Paul Sinski on 2011-06-22 19:46 (Reply)
it works fine with student version

But it is for non-commercial use
#3.1 Anonymous on 2011-06-22 20:57 (Reply)
I am been using 3dsmax and I am facing few problems while working, as I am taking Mm from unit setup to model my object to get print. But when I am taking the file to Netfab I find those size has different issue and not fitting according to there print requirement and size. If my model size is 2mm. and its show in netfab 0.95mm why?

Please tell me how to fix these issues in max to set Millimeters and centimeters.

#4 Ashish Maru (Homepage) on 2012-11-24 20:45 (Reply)

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