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Awesome post! This is exciting to see, and helps to give me a feel for what to expect with Shapeways in the upcoming future. As far as ways to "pool" feedback, I actually like the survey idea. It allows EVERYONE to voice their opinion directly, without going through a "council member." However, I dont see a problem with having a council of certain community members that will help devise surveys, and then make sure that the results are implemented. (Like making the community more helpful, happy....) They would not be a moderator with specific rights to change posts, but would be expected to be more helpful then others, and more of a Role Model of sorts?
#1 Jake Drews (Rawkstar320) (Homepage) on 2010-05-08 03:22 (Reply)
I like surveys too but I'm afraid that people will just not do them if we give them too many surveys. So we would have to couple surveys with a way of showing people that indeed we are listening. The council could be a good idea but it would be a horrible one if people believed we only listened to a small group. Maybe we should have elections? Yes, the role model would be good but to me it would be as important that they were able to give feedback and also represent a great number of members.
#1.1 Joris Peels on 2010-05-08 11:54 (Reply)
Surveys are a good method to understand what people thinks.....
but too much surveys can be ignored....
the free time in this life is very too short ehheehe
#1.1.1 Vincenzo Basile (Homepage) on 2010-05-08 14:19 (Reply)

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