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haha.... this blog (i assume) was created because of my 3D concepts/Models... which are accessories for iPhone/iPod touch etc...

It all started when i published in my shop ( a 3d model of a full color "iPad Tray" - a customer ordered then it and it was declined for "copyright infringement" of the iPad pictures used on the 3d model.

I emailed Apple's copyright dept. and i assume they wrote to shapeways with these strict guidelines. ( again i can only assume that is the case as i was told by shapeways staff to remove any photos of my iPhone near my 3D printed models... :/ )

I will soon upload to my shop my innovative concepts for iPhone/iPod... (after deleting them all) - according to these (absurd?) guidelines..

Having said that you can still call me an Apple funboy.. I simply like high quality , cool, sleek, stylish electronic products. :-)
#1 ASHER NAHMIAS on 2010-03-06 10:59 (Reply)
not sure about this part. need some clarification from shapeways:

I am completely not kidding about the following: Apple does not want you to take a picture of an Ipod being used or shown next to your accessory. Only very few companies have the permission to do this. So even if you buy the Ipod you are not allowed to photograph it next to your accessory.

It says on their guidelines:
Depictions of Apple Products


2. Compatibility: If you are a developer, you may show an image of an Apple product in your promotional/advertising materials to depict that your product is compatible with, or otherwise works with, the Apple product or technology, provided you comply with the following requirements:

a. Your product is in fact compatible with, or otherwise works with, the referenced Apple product.

b. The image is an actual photograph of the genuine Apple product and not an artist’s rendering (Note: You must obtain express written permission from Apple before using any photograph owned or licensed by Apple).
#2 R krishnan on 2010-03-06 17:18 (Reply)
You are completely correct. We were incorrectly told that photographs were not allowed. Renderings are not allowed but you can use photographs. The blog post will be correct so as not to confuse.
#2.1 Joris on 2010-03-08 10:14 (Reply)
So...Joris, perhaps your legal dept. should look into this.. it seems its OK to show a real photo of an iPhone near my 3D printed model provided i follow these 2 rules:

1. The 3d printed model is indeed for iPhone.
2. It is a real photograph made by me of my iPhone... and it is not owned or licensed by Apple (i.e: Apple's photograph from their website.)

What do you think?

#3 Dizingof on 2010-03-07 07:30 (Reply)
Guys, thank you for pointing this out. I was told that only official partners were allowed to do this. I will check and get back to you.

#4 Joris on 2010-03-07 09:26 (Reply)
I was just wondering how long it would take before an IP-related discussion would start here.

..but I didn't think United Fruit were that nasty about their IP.

I was thinking more about the "replica of ... from the game/movie owned by ..." models that have shown up recently. :-)
#5 Tommy Strömgren on 2010-03-07 15:03 (Reply)
Are you sure you are allowed to use the 'powered by Darwin' web-badge'?
Because you are breaking several rules :p
The rules you brake are :

Rule number 1. The link is not to the right page, but the right link according to them, doesn't exist anymore...

Rule number 2. Can you prove that this webpage was make with a mac? If not, you are in trouble :p

Rule number 3. If I would print this webpage out on a printer with the logo, would that be a violation? Can I sue you if they sue me? :p

Rule number 5. (Rule 4 is boring). If someone at Apple has a bad day and reads this webpage, you will loose the right to use the logo :p

Rule number 6. You forgot a whole chunch of text in your credits :
' Include the following credit line on the same Web page as the Badge or on the page where you include other third party notices.

Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The Powered By Darwin badge is a trademark of Apple Inc., used with permission..' This is a qoute, not an copyright infringment. I need to state this otherwise I get sued ... Don't you love Apple a little bit more now? :-D

Rule 7 is boring too.

Joris, did you really think you get anything for free from Apple? :p

( For the Apple laywers; this was all written in good fun, thanks for not sueing me )


#6 Rob Parthoens on 2010-03-08 12:03 (Reply)

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