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Shapeways interviews Kevin Cook, the Guinness Record Dice Collector


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I was very pleased to read this article because I just ordered today my own custom dice with 6 different designs. But I am afraid I won't break the record though (well, not today at least :-))

I looked Kevin's own creations and I really like the way he arranged the dots' position when their number is bigger than 6. I had to face the same situation in one of my designs (from 7 to 12 dots) and this is a very interesting subject that mixes both art and maths...

Congratulations for this collection!
#1 Magic (Homepage) on 2010-02-16 21:37 (Reply)
Thanks ... I am glad you like the dice I created ... One of the reasons I did many of my creations was to make them 'public domain' so that anyone who cared to ... can create them without fear of infringing a patent
#1.1 Kevin Cook on 2010-02-17 20:52 (Reply)
I would like to understand better this patent issue: what you are saying is that if one of your fans reuse - say - the way you arranged 9 dots on a triangular face in a die, he cannot be sued for patent infrigement by anybody, because you already used that in your own designs and you made them public, right?
But this works only if you were the first one to propose such an arrangement: if someone can prove that he did the same design before you (anteriority), then he can sue your fan (and yourself). Or am i wrong?
These intelectual properties stuff are so complex... :-(
#1.1.1 Vincent Greco (Homepage) on 2010-02-19 17:31 (Reply)
I agree .. IP is complex ... and I am not an IP attorney ... just a layperson with a fair amount of experience ( I was the expert witness in the Crystal Caste vs Hasbro trial)

It is my understanding ... that if I produce and publicly display a die ... one year after displaying that die ... it can no longer be patented as it is now public domain ... and any attempts to do so (patent) would likely be denied under 'prior art'

Now ... if you also try to patent it ... when at the same time ... I dont know what the USPTO will do
# Kevin Cook (Homepage) on 2010-02-19 17:40 (Reply)

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