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It's good to see you are honest about both raising the price, and it being a mistake. Something you rarely see on the internet.

I think in the end this is better marketing than lame names and fake prices :-)
#1 chris89 on 2009-12-08 10:13 (Reply)
Personally, if I had a logo, etc I wanted, then I wouldn't be opposed to paying even $30 for it, after all, you did come up with the idea, creator, etc, which is worth something more than just the raw printing cost, but $30 would be about the limit.
$45 is excessive, though. what were you thinking!

I notice now you've made it $20, which I suspect actually rakes in the dough, since people will go looking for something to spend that extra $5 on for the minimum order, and end up spending another $40 instead.
#2 kaldosh on 2010-01-22 14:41 (Reply)

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