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Do we get a fee print of our metal inspiration model if we win? That would be nifty.
#1 Michael Williams on 2009-09-21 16:54 (Reply)
If you guys want to make a killing, do the following
1 - create a subscription plan with assembly website. Entrants can get parts mailed on a montly basis and you offer either plastic parts or metal parts.

2 - shapeways assembles a model (see below) that can be assembled by mechanical means - no glue, no soldering - just screws and bolts. I checked, none of the pieces need be bigger than 20cm. Start with the skull.

3 - a subscription plan should be a monthly, contractual, and clients can't back out of it. What would be fair, 100 for metal, 30 for plastic parts? IU don't know. Whatever the case the total structure should be assembled in under 2 years.

4 - shapeways would have to figure out the rights issues - something that will in itself set a remarkable precedent in terms of future legislation. In brokering a deal with Halcyon, you'd be effectively writing history.

Even if you produce the parts at no profit, the value in publicity would be off the scales. What you offer is a 1:1 life size (190cm) replica of a movie prop, in hard plastic or shiny metal. Parts would have moving joints and the assembled object in metal would probably weigh more than 200 kilo. I'd suggest keeping the parts strung together with metal cable inside the joints. Optionally you could electrical parts, add lights, lens parts, maybe even sounds - but I'd emphasize brutal realism for the whole product. It should look extremely real from close up.

I am positive you should be able to both bomb the scene witgh publicity as well as make a significant profit.
#2 Khannea Suntzu on 2009-09-27 12:21 (Reply)

A subscription plan is a great idea. But what would be the benefit for the customer be?

#2.1 Joris on 2009-09-27 19:21 (Reply)

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