Stainless Steel 3D printed Stylus

I wanted to show you guys another model we are taking to SIGGRAPH. It is one of Extrudedqwerty‘s metal styluses. It is the master sword stlus, the same one that we are offering customized with your own initials for $29.95. I think that it is great looking and it feels good in your hand also.


  1. Walter Sharrow

    That looks really cool! It’s interesting how there are many lines in it, like rings in tree.

    I wonder what some of my jewelry items would look like printed in metal …and when you’ll get around to testing my models. I patiently wait your findings. ;)

  2. loki

    Are the grooves supposed to be there? I thought the stainless objects surfaces would be very flat when printed.

    1. Joris


      I am not entirely sure. But, there is an ‘organic’ look and feel about the objects made in this way.

      Because the objects are polished, a flat surface will become smoother than one with lots of definition.

      Thats what we’ve been trying to explain to everyone: it is steel but it is much more organic looking and not as “cold” or angular as one might expect.

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