So what do you think this is?

One clue, it is made with the Shapeways Stampmaker. But any idea what the stamp is of? or for? I’ll send the stamp to the person that guesses it correctly in the comments.



  1. Andreas

    Makeup? Looks like a trekkie facial splotches thing :)

  2. Joris Peels

    trekkie, possible, possible

    1. Erik Snoeijs

      Awesome, thanks!

      Was just the first thing that popped into my head when i saw the shape of it :)

    2. Rudy Fink

      I was relieved to see that you’d already guessed what I was going to. I was going to feel a bit nuts writing that down :) .

    1. Joris

      LOL, and I mean I actually laughed out loud, hard.

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