New Color Alert: Announcing Shapeways Green and Yellow

Yesterday, we lowered lead times on the majority of our metals and today we are excited to announce the addition of two new nylon colors to our palette, Green and Yellow! Just in time for the world cup in Brazil. It’s the Shapeways GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL to continue to bring you more materials faster and we’re committed to holding our top spot in the 3DP bracket!

These colors are processed the same way as our pink, blue, purple, and red nylon and also ship in 12 business days worldwide. 

Feel free to join in the Green and Yellow conversation in our forumor let us know your feedback here in the comments. 

What color would you like to see next?

What will you make now that you have Green and Yellow as color choices?


  1. Dev

    How about polished black? Shame that everything else has a polished option, except black.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, a nice rich orange please!

  2. Mike from Ottawa

    Will these colours automatically be options for existing models in shops or will designers have to go in to their shops and tweak the options for each model?

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