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Designer Spotlight : Bathsheba Grossman


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Let me just quote something Bathsheba said above, so that people can read it a second time.

"The main change I'd like to see is more targeting on customers who are
not themselves designers. The site is now made to appeal almost
entirely to makers, people who both upload and buy models. This is
good for building a base of designers, but the far greater customer
base is appreciators: people who may be interested in the technology,
but mainly want to own near-custom models, be in touch with the
cutting edge of object making, and get work from artists and designers
that they like."

Here here! I can't agree with her more.

#1 T. Shawn Johnson on 2009-07-02 02:26 (Reply)
I was also happy for Shapeways when Bathsheba joined the community, because she indeed do great things (because of my work, I do like the crystal molecules she makes, check her site...).

The amusing thing is that I contacted her once to know the cost of making the incredible 3D metal sculpture she did (for a project involving precisely crafted metal pieces IIRC...)

At the time (2008) she kindly explained that the process of metal infusion was difficult and costly.

And now (2009) Shapeways is taking a big leap to put the power where it belong, in the hand of the designers :-)

You just have to love what the future holds for 3D printing...
#2 wong hua on 2009-07-03 16:45 (Reply)

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