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The Laser Girls Rocking 3D Printed Nails at MAD in NYC


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Is it just me, or is Dhemerae's archived feature article scrambled after that bird image ?
#1 mkroeker on 2014-01-17 15:53 (Reply)
Good spot! Fixed it :-)
#1.1 Natalia (Homepage) on 2014-01-18 01:05 (Reply)
Hello Natalia, I posted a message earlier but it was deleted ... ? I do not understand. I am a French blogger and I love the concept. I heard that Emma Stone was a fan of Girls Laser someone would there pictures of them with nails? I would need to write an article, thank you.
#1.1.1 Françoise (Homepage) on 2014-02-06 20:09 (Reply)
Hey Francoise, your comment was caught in the spam filter.

# Duann on 2014-02-06 20:18 (Reply)
Great work laser girls! Those are really cool! :-D I particularly like the black ones on your Instagram. :-)

Might as well continue up your hands and up your arms and cover your whole bodies with an outrageous exoskeleton design! HAHAHA! :-D
#2 James William Kincaid (Homepage) on 2014-01-17 16:03 (Reply)
So proud of you Sarah!
#3 Carol Silva (Homepage) on 2014-01-26 18:54 (Reply)
3D printing seems limitless, it is amazing what can be done with, I love these nails, I find it very successful and I intend to buy me.
#4 Françoise (Homepage) on 2014-02-06 17:02 (Reply)

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