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Friday Finds: Future Flashbacks


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Just love playing devil's advocate:
3D will make Canada and Australia super rich. No matter how large or smaller orders are for goods. nothing happens without the raw resource(s), something these countries have in huge abundance.
Unfortunately, 3D cannot manufacture water, the generally speaking worldwide resource that is increasingly scarce and that world wars will be fought over this century, perhaps beginning as soon as a decade from now.
And those world wars will use new and powerful 3D weaponry of almost unimaginable destructive ability, created at will and used as fast as it is manufactured -- within minutes.
Then there's lethal pandemics, speeded by 3D wars, and Climate Change that is further accelerated by these wars, all of which could cull our global population to a small and manageable level, whatever that means, and cause the survivors to collectively say "enough is enough" and work as a collective to save what is left and perhaps even reverse a small proportion of the damage.
So there you have it -- the future in a nutshell, emphasis on what many of you will say "nut".
#1 Rudy Haugeneder on 2013-11-09 19:38 (Reply)

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