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For the Pookas ring, isn't that kind of like false advertising? I know he describes the patinating process in the description, but if I were not knowing about it and bought that, I might be disappointed and take legal action if it were actionable. Not knocking Pookas at all, I do the same in my shop, what I'm asking about is, is there a legal issue with this, being that there are no images of the unpatinated version, which is what the buyer will actually obtain when making an order.
#1 James William Kincaid (Homepage) on 2013-08-30 21:37 (Reply)
I think it is unfair to use Pookas' ring as an example - a customer could only be mislead if he
looked at just this one picture selected for the blog and did not read the detailed description
on the model page. There are far worse offenders who use photorealistic renderings of their
models in finishes achievable only through extensive post-processing, if at all.
Secondly the legal consequences would surely depend on jurisdiction - my assumption is
that normally it would simply allow the buyer to nullify the deal, perhaps also allow other designers to sue for unfair competition.
#1.1 mkroeker on 2013-09-02 08:54 (Reply)
True, but it is his ring that is in the article. And I did say that I am not knocking him being that I do the same with my shop. :-D And I see that you too are doing the same in your shop. :-D

What I was hoping for is some kind of official clarification on this from Shapeways. Being that Shapeways is raking in millions, they can certainly afford to look into the legal aspect of this and inform us as to what we can actually get away with.

I did look into it on my own and found that overall, laws centered around false advertising are not strongly enforced. Regardless, I'd like to see what Shapeways has to say officially on this subject since I'm sure it is a question that has crossed the minds of thousands of designers whenever they have set up a description of a product here on Shapeways.
#1.1.1 James William Kincaid (Homepage) on 2013-09-02 11:43 (Reply)
A: I do not have a shop, and the few models I made public have either the default auto-generated images or photographs of actual objects. :-)
B: I doubt that shapeways are already raking in millions, for all we know they may still be burning through their venture capital.
C: Once they start policing the shops for any form of false advertising, they can no longer claim that checking for copyright infringements would be beyond their capabilities. It would be nice to see a suggestion to avoid or at least mark renderer output somewhere in the shop FAQs, but I can think of many more important tasks...
# mkroeker on 2013-09-02 18:51 (Reply)
A: AH HA! Got me there! I stand corrected on that. You SHOULD sell those though; those are really nice! :-)
B: True, they may be in a great struggle to make ends meet right now for all we know.
C: And true. Yeah, like reduced lead times. A patinating service for silver. Numerous other things.

I've actually considered starting a Shapeways clone that focuses on the retail aspect and less on the prototyping aspect. I'm waiting to see how open source SLS printers come about in the next year though before I'll seriously start to think about that. :-)
Without taking away from your general argument, if you actually go to the product page:

a. The pictures have the description 'blackened';
b. The model text has the following:
The silver material is very bright and shiny. Some designs look much better when deeper
parts are blackened. You can do this easily by yourself by putting the silver jewelry in a
small glass with bleach for a few minutes. After it turns dark, you can polish it partial with a
sponge or a towel.

So this guy has it covered.
# Anonymous on 2013-09-03 06:43 (Reply)
Yes, but there are no images of the actual product that will be received. I sell silver jewelry too. I don't have any images of what Shapeways actually provides the buyer, cuz no one will buy it! HAHAHA! :-D But how legal is that?

It's an interesting question I think cuz a lot of jewelry these days is commonly sold with rendered images, not actual images. Is there some kind of unwritten rules when it comes to selling jewelry? :-D
Legal - who can say? Depends where you are etc. I'm not sure it's something to worry about too much.

Imo if you don't have a photo you are very unlikely to sell anything. Photorealistic renders are another story. Should Shapeways offer rules/guidance? Yes, I think so. Disgruntled customers are in no-ones interest.
# Anonymous on 2013-09-03 18:08 (Reply)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, I would not consider this false advertising as mentioned, Pookas clearly states that there is post processing of the Silver.
In this instance we shared the image on the Shapeways blog as inspiration to others who may want to experiment with adding finishes to their designs.
Pookas could also share instructions for people who wish to purchase his design to add this finish themselves.

As far as disgruntled customers, I have not heard of any reports of customers complaining about the silver finish being not as shown in an images. We have seen it from designs that require 3rD party components when it is not completely clear in the description, but not based on silver finishes.

Thanks again for your comments, keep em coming.
# Duann on 2013-09-03 19:43 (Reply)
Ok then Duann, I'll keep all that in mind. That's great news! Thanks for the reply! :-D
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# Rodolfo (Homepage) on 2013-09-04 16:47 (Reply)
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#1.1.2 Trade (Homepage) on 2013-09-02 17:47 (Reply)
This made my day!! Thanks a lot! :-)
#2 Tom Busscher Rylinn (Homepage) on 2013-08-31 13:00 (Reply)

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