3D Printing Mythical Beasts : The Cat Skull with Antelope Horns

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3D Printing is a way to make the otherwise impossible possible, whether it be a complex part for your project, or realizing a mythical beast, like the Cat Skull with Antelope Horns.

Shapeways 3D Print Cat Skull Antelope

Originally designed as a hat decoration for Indra Lowenstein by San Francisco based designer Ruby Rieke, the design was a little too heavy for a lightweight hat but is perfect as an original pendant design.  What mythical creature would you like to see 3D printed?

Shapeways 3D Print Cat Skull Antelope

Shapeways 3D Print Cat Skull Antelope

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  1. Abdullah Tahiri

    And now comes with a heated bed. Look at the indiegogo campaign!!!!

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